Release Notes 2/14/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, February 14, 2018:

[NEW] Mandatory Quality assurance (QA) check prior to Job Completion work
Project managers can demand vendors to run a QA check before being able to submit their work.
This guarantees the quality levels set by the project manager are respected.

[NEW] Codyt projects: Jobs can now be linked to a specific order in a project
The system has been changed so it keeps a link between a job and the order to which it refers to (if any). Jobs are automatically created in the order form, the system automatically set this link. Documents are manually marked for translation, which allows the user to optionally choose an order.
This feature permits to search jobs by order reference in the "Jobs" lists.
Note: This feature is available with Codyt projects only.

[IMPROVE] New translation editor - TMX properties now shown with segment properties
TMX properties that may have been imported from a TMX are now displayed in the new translation editor. They can be viewed in the segment properties panel. It is also possible to add extra editor columns for segment and language level properties.

[IMPROVE] A few supplier selection popup enhancements : Adding multiple items and more
The supplier selection popup has these improvements: (1) When multiple services are selected you can now apply a filter for more services and tick the checkbox next to the "Select" button. The filtered items are either added or removed from the selection. (2) The menu next to "Select" proposes a new option to toggle the selection mode to simplify the selection of just one supplier (no checkboxes shown). (3) Some texts have been improved.

[IMPROVE] Orders report improvement
Order with 'Cancelled' status are now visible in My Orders tab and on Recent Orders section in the home page

[IMPROVE] Improvement: Expanded client search filter added to the "Projects" section
The client search filter in the "Project" section has been updated for more search flexibility. Not only can you search for clients name by their first letters but now you can also search by any letters of the client name. As long the client name contains the search keywords, it'll be included in the search results.

[FIX] Fix: Workflow settings options: Disallow suppliers to accept multiple jobs in same workflow
When supplier is assigned a job, in some cases, the message that the job cannot be accepted is shown when it should not. This was the case if the job was already assigned to the supplier. The message must not be shown unless it is a job opening. The problem has been fixed.

[FIX] "re-run check" message appears when only changing the work status to "Completed" in the old editor
In the old editor: "re-run check" message shouldn't appear when not changing the translations at all and only changing the work status to "Completed"

[FIX] Supplier job rating issue -> Supplier was able to see job rating fields of manager.
Suppliers have the ability to view and rate jobs when logged into the client portal. The issue appeared when a supplier could rate a job with the same rating items as a manager.

[FIX] Multilingual Excel: When excluding texts by color, the reconstructed file omits the excluded source text
Multilingual Excel: The filter permits to exclude any rows where the source text cell is in specific colors. However, when building the translated file, the source text cells do not contain the original text anymore (they are empty). This problem has now been fixed.

[FIX] Translation update -> Arabic translation from a Powerpoint file -> The Arabic text was not printed from right to left
When translating a Powerpoint file into Arabic, the Arabic text is printed left-to-right (LTR) in the translated Powerpoint. With this development translated text is printed right-to-left (RTL) for Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages.

[FIX] Export suppliers doesn't work
User can export suppliers list if he has access rights to show the list, otherwise he can't show the list and also export.

[FIX] Submitting new orders: When machine translation is enabled, it does not pretranslate from memories
In the new order form you can have submitted documents translated by translation memories as well as machine translation. In the case you enabled machine translation, it did translate all segments including those that could be pre-translated from memories.

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    WM-123 - how and when can we enable this? At the job creation?


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