Release Notes 2/28/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, February 28, 2018:

[NEW] Ratings given by managers to suppliers are now displayed in various relevant places in the tool
Various pages now show the average manager ratings given to suppliers per language pair and task over the past 3 months. If your managers do rate jobs upon completion then this is very useful. The pages showing the manager ratings are:
- Supplier groups pages ("Suppliers" > "Supplier groups")
- Price lists (select supplier and click "Prices")
- Find supplier services page ("Suppliers" > "Supplier services")
-Supplier selector popup (opens when you assign a supplier or group to a job)
The shown ratings are per supplier, language pair and task and for the past 3 months. As with other BA data, ratings of jobs are taken into account a few days after job completion.

[NEW] New filter added in codyt jobs pages to filter jobs by total words
A new search filter has been added to all codyt jobs pages to filter jobs by total words included in documents.

[NEW] Codyt project page -> Display and content improvements
The Wordbee internal team has been tasked to perform a series of updates and fixes on the codyt project page, including icon alignment, color changes and content replacements.

[IMPROVE] Job link to order options: Now supported via API and auto-delivery translations back into linked order
Since shortly the system permits to link documents in a project to specific orders (within the same project). This is specifically useful when you work with many orders in a project and you enable the automatic back delivery feature in the project workflow page.
The present item refers to these extensions:
(1) API to upload documents to Codyt project now have an optional parameter to link the document to an order, see:
(2) When enabling the back delivery to order in a Codyt project workflow, this mechanism now correctly copies the document to the order to which the document is linked. Before it selected the most recent order.

[IMPROVE] New languages added
Wordbee now supports Siswati, Tsonga, Venda, Ndebele (North and South), Dagbani (Ghana), Ga (Ghana), Ewe (Ghana), Teso (Uganda), Adhola (Uganda). The respective codes for these new languages are ssw, tso, ven, nbl, nbe, dag-GH, gaa-GH, ee-GH, teo-UG, adh-UG.

[IMPROVE] New design template - Unable to maintain background image
A new cache system has been implemented to maintain the background image after closing the browser or logout and login again in the new interfaces.

[IMPROVE] Codyt jobs page -> "Actions" menu improvements
The objective of the improvements was to update the “Actions” menu on the codyt jobs page. The following options have been updated:
- The “Assign jobs” option has been removed
- The "Update jobs” option has been removed
- A new “Manage jobs” option has been added. The new option opens the exact same tool that opens the Project > Jobs > Manage page.

[FIX] Access problems for single users when using their company calendar option
Single users could not access their company calendar, although the access rights were already enabled for them. This has been fixed and single users can now access their company calendar with no restrictions.

[FIX] Settings page: "Add new" invoice popup display issue
The "Add New" invoice popup was not displayed correctly on the screen. This has been fixed and it's now centered correctly on the "Settings" page.

[FIX] Document right click menu appears at the wron place in the latest Chrome versions
Document right click menu should appear in the proper place when we right click and not somewhere above

[FIX] Translation editor and Microsoft Word: Inserting superscript and subscript markup did not always translate properly in the translated file
This issue occurred during translating a Microsoft Word document and inserting superscript and subscript markup, the marked text did mostly but not always print accordingly. This problem has been fixed.

[FIX] Issue when downloading of the source file
An issue was discovered on the new editor page. The option to download the source file was not working correctly. This has been fixed and tested by the Wordbee internal team.

[FIX] Microsoft Word: The exclusion of text with not translatable styles did not work in all cases
When configuring a Word filter with non translatable paragraph styles (such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.), the content was still extracted for translation. This fix now properly takes into account paragraph styles to exclude. Exclusion of character styles did work already correctly.
To configure a Word filter go to "Settings", choose "Microsoft Word" and a configuration. Select the "Do not translate" tab and fill in paragraph or character style names in the "Styles" section.

[FIX] Editor popup: Segment custom field info was not appearing in the translation finder panel anymore
A code issue has been discovered on the translations "Editor" popup. Segment custom field information didn't appear anymore on the translation finder panel. This has been fixed and checked by the Wordbee technical team.

[FIX] Wrong redirect discovered for the Job openings in the latest events section
A link direction issue was discovered for Job openings in the latest events section under the tool homepage.The Job openings was linked to the "all jobs" section' instead of the "my jobs" section.

[FIX] Ordered by filed in project tool tip showed too many names
An issue was discovered in the project tool tip, Ordered by field was showing repetitive names. This has been fixed and it is now showing only each name once.

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