Release Notes 3/7/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, March 7, 2018:

[NEW] Character constrains (max length for segment always wrong)
Bug: Character constrains (max length for segment always wrong).
- this issue happens because the parser get wrong value for segment Maxlength, it get the index number of the cell value in shared sting instead of the value itself.

[IMPROVE] Segmentation rules are now ordered by name
Segmentation rules are now ordered by name, so the default selected one will be the first one in the list

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Interface changes and upgrades
A series of improvements have been done on the editor interface:
- Cancel auto-propagation when user click on the status icon
- Bookmark icon now visible in the cell when entering with mouse over
- Color change for "have commented (s)" icon
- Segment background updated with specific color

[IMPROVE] Jobs page -> Codyt jobs -> 'Update Job' link hidden if 'Manage jobs' shown
An issue has been discovered and fix when logging as an administrator in the tool. The 'Update Job..' link on the "Action" button in the Codyt jobs page was hidden if the "Manage jobs" link shown.

[FIX] Wrong "/>" code appearing after tags in the old editor
Wrong "/>" code appearing after tags in the old editor, tags should be added without these additional wrong codes.

[FIX] XML filter: Do not add any superfluous name space declarations in the translated XML files
When processing XML documents that declare multiple namespaces and make heavy use of those, the translated document may sometimes add namespace declarations in child nodes which are superfluous. This only happens when flagging content as HTML. With this development, any superfluous namespace declarations in child nodes are removed in the translated file. No other namespace declarations are removed.

[FIX] User information missing on the My Company -> Planning page
An issue has been found on the "My Company" page under the "Planning" tab section. User first and last name were missing on the top right corner of the page.

[FIX] Editor -> Translations not saved
Translations where not saved when a user tried to click on the "View comments" button of another segment. This has been fixed and tested by the internal team.

[FIX] Microsoft Excel - Filtering cells by their color was not accurate for black colored cells
The issue concerned monolingual Excel filters where you configure that black colored cells shall be excluded. Since black cells generally are not assigned any style at all, these "default" cells were not excluded from translation. Similar to this, the same problem happened if you include colors other than black. These problems have been fixed.

[FIX] Single Sign On (SSO) Globalization Culture
During the user authentication through the SSO SAML, the user interface language and Numbers/dates configured are kept from user configuration (only if the SSO configuration doesn't overload it).

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