Release Notes 3/20/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, March 20, 2018:

[NEW] Reports S301 and S302: New placeholder for displaying the domain selected in new order form
These business reports permit to export orders and respective sales. We have added a new placeholder "OrderDomains". You can now customize these reports to include the Domains clients or internal translation requesters selected. See this page on customizing reports:

[NEW] Wordbee Translator now supports - Chinese (Traditional, Australia)
Wordbee Translator has been updated with Chinese (Traditional, Australia) language.

[IMPROVE] Changing status of job in new translation editor did not correctly reload segments to reflect updated access rights
When changing a job's status directly from the new translation editor, the editor was not reloaded. This is now done. If you change the status from In Progress to Completed, the segments are now refreshed to reflect the fact that you cannot edit texts anymore (unless you are an admin or management level user).

[FIX] [Fixed] Admin rate a job assigned to an internal user as supplier instead of as manager
Admin wants to rate a job which is assigned to an internal user, so he/she can rate the job that assigned to the internal user as manager.

[FIX] Powerpoint document have reconstruction issue when hidden slides contains embedded files
When a powerpoint document contains hidden slides with embedded documents, the reconstruction failed.

[FIX] Design issue found on the Editor during translation of specific files
An issue occurred when uploading files containing missing numbers or misspelled words. This caused the editor design to break. This has been fixed and tested by Wordbee.

[FIX] Client Portal - > Clients able to submit orders requests without uploading files.
A bug has been found within the Client Portal. Clients were able to submit order requests without uploading files to the request, although uploading files to requests are mandatory.

[FIX] Issue found on the "Settings" page -> Custom fields addition error
An issue has been found on the "Settings" -> "Custom Fields" -> "Segments custom fields". Adding a new segment custom field shown per each language, although it's defined as only segment dependent.

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