Release Notes 3/23/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, March 23, 2018:

[NEW] Reports S301 and S302: New placeholder for displaying the type of work selected in new order form
These business reports permit to export orders and respective sales. We have added a new placeholder "OrderOption". You can now customize these reports to include the Type of work clients or internal translation requesters selected. See this page on customizing reports:

[IMPROVE] RTL improvements and Fixes
The tag direction is not consistant with RTL translation

Tags arrow direction in now consistent with the RTL attribute of the translation (visible in the center of the application and in the Translation Finder)
In the Translation Finder, the RTL language is now correctly displayed
In the Phrases tab, the action bar buttons are now independent from the RTL attribute
The system does not replace the double space by a single space and a nbsp (insecable) during the "copy source to target" process
In the Translation Finder, when the user "colorizes" the source text, the problem of replacing the tag by ":~" or ":~" has been fixed.
The behavior of the "Automatically translate terms from translation memory or terminology database hits" option in the translation finder has been fixed

[IMPROVE] Increase the number of groupedMails sent per cycle
When the platform is configured to send mails by group, there may be a delay before sending the mail.
We are improving this process for in order to decrease this delay

[FIX] [Fixed] Access right to edit resources in the translation editor ALSO allows to edit the profile of the resources in the platform
A new access right for editing resource details is added. This right is necessary to update general details such as the name, custom fields, rating and other parameters.

[FIX] [Job Opening] Notification for "Job proposal rejected" being delivered to full pool of suppliers in the job opening
we consider <job rejected> notifications should be handled as system notifications and not user notifications. Therefore:
if an external supplier rejects a job which was offered via a job opening, then the notification generated is only available for people having the right to manage the job in my company.

[FIX] [NewEditor] - Quick fixes
- Fix the comportement of the "Copy source text to editor if no translation memory hit found" setting when the translation finder has no result
- Fix the shortcut ALT+D which switch the translation status value
- The "Download file" link is now possible even if the file is now previewable
- When the user use the "ALT+SHIFT+F" Shortcut, the system deduce, when is possible, the source and target language to use in the translation finder memory component

[FIX] [Fixed] Target file text direction is Right-to-Left although the target language is Left-to-Right
Target downloaded file text direction should be Left-to-Right for the Left-to-Right target languages

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