Release Notes 4/17/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, April 17, 2018:

[NEW] New languages added - Kanjobal, Lozi (Zambia), Tonga (Zambia), Kasem, Farefare
New languages have been added. Wordbee now supports Kanjobal, Lozi (Zambia), Tonga (Zambia), Kasem, Farefare. The respective codes for these new languages are kjb, loz-ZM, to-ZM, xsm, gur.

[NEW] Order option now is presented as column in orders list, can be used as filter and shown in order details page
Order option now is presented as column in orders list, can be used as filter and shown in order details page

[NEW] Job Time-tracking -> Additional information added to job details and jobs lists with respect to work time and available time.
The job section has been improved with various time tracking information which help you track your work time more efficiently in the system. The new information are:
- Added work time information to the job details pages of Codyt and Standard.
- Added new optional "Work duration" column to jobs lists Codyt/Standard/Project>Codyt.
- Added new info to job pages. "Time left: 1 day and 5 hours". Which is the delta from now to deadline.

[NEW] API 2: New method to retrieve, filter and find jobs
The new method is documented here:

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Various improvements implemented
New user experience improvements have been implemented in the New Editor such as:
[Statistics] Minor User Interface adjustments and add missing localizable user interface terms;
[Column Manager] Missing localizable Content implemented;
[Shortcut] New keyboard shortcut (CTRL+D) added to delete all content after the cursor position on the translated segments;
[Shortcut] Active the timeline and focus the text area field for add a new comment (no default value);
[Shortcut] When the shortcut "Add current segment to resource" is used, the fields are now pre filed by the segment value.

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Translation export -> XLIFF file export -> metadata added
Wordbee Translator users have now the possibility to add the segment context to their XLIFF file exports. In this use case, the XLIFF metadata will be included correctly in the file.

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Improvements made to the main grid columns
The various columns in the editor are now properly aligned in all conditions. This release also improves stability when resizing columns and tweaks the way it works in order to improve the usability of this feature.

[FIX] [Fixed] Email templates -> Error message displayed when editing or saving any template
Settings -> Email templates -> Error message shouldn't displayed when editing and saving any template.

[FIX] Various fixes on the segment editor component
Various fixes on the segment editor component:
- The custom filter updates can be saved
- The "save" button can be use without focus a cell previously

Additionally, the editor will no longer suggest a new layout when the current configuration matches the suggested layout

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