Release Notes 4/20/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, April 20, 2018:

[NEW] Translating PDF files: Auto creation of deliverables should create .docx file and not .pdf
When translating a PDF file and you want to have the system create the translated file, then Wordbee will create a Word (docx) file. This is the normal behavior. However, if you configure the workflow to automatically create the deliverable upon workflow completion, the system wrongly named the file with the .pdf extension. A similar problem happens when creating the deliverable in the new editor (named .pdf instead of .docx).

[NEW] [NewEditor] New QA tool to resolve issues
The new editor team has created a new interface specifically designed for resolving and clearing fixed QA issues in your translations. This new easy to use interface allows users to efficiently review all of their QA issues and fix them within the same window with minimal interaction.
We will keep on improving this interface progressively based on your feedback.
This new interface can be accessed through the QA Panel after executing a QA check

This feature also includes various fixes to QA tasks in general. The "forbidden terms" rule now specifies which forbidden terms were found, and the Smart Assistant now correctly identifies character classes for full-width characters.

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Various improvements
-The search filters not conveniently close when initiating a search
-Added a new button to close the "text-to-speech" feature to make it clearer how to close the overlay
-Launching a QA check in source-only tasks now work as expected by using the right locale and ignoring rules such as "Translation is identical to the source"
-Improvements to the QA Panel where it is now possible to view the latest QA report if it is available. Workers that don't have the right to run a QA check can now also use the QA Panel to view the latest report made available for them.
-When downloading files from the new editor, the filenames will no longer include the subfolder names

[IMPROVE] Displaying a warning message emphasizing on the impact of changing project's word count profile for documents already marked for online translation
Displaying a warning message emphasizing on the impact of changing project's word count profile for documents already marked for online translation.

More details here:

[FIX] Marking multiple files for translation (filenames or filepath too long) causes no error
Under certain circumstances, browser limitations were generating an error message if too many files or folders were simultaneously marked for online translation. Now the problem has been fixed and if the operation can't be ran, the user gets a warning.

[FIX] Fix an issue when a user try to modify his settings
An issue was introduce that leads to an error message and prevents user to save their new settings, this is now solved.

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