Release Notes 4/24/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, April 24, 2018:

[NEW] New option to export custom fields in translated Multingual Excel file
The multilingual Excel filter always permitted to extract custom fields from selected Excel columns. Now it is also possible to write back custom fields into the translated file. You can activate this feature by ticking the new option "Save custom fields back to the final translated Excel document (this requires configuring custom field columns above)". This is useful if you are editing custom fields in the translation editor and want the Excel file be updated with these edits.

[NEW] New column in Codyt/Standard jobs list: Total number of suppliers in openings
In jobs lists, we now print the number of suppliers in a job opening. The number is printed next to the "Job opening" link. For example: "Job opening (3)". This new information immediately tells you how many suppliers are contacted. The number excludes already declined openings.

[NEW] Orders list: Allow to add order and project custom fields as columns to the list.
The columns of the order list can now be customized using the "Columns" link at the bottom of the list.
We also added most available fields there -> Please notice, all order and project custom fields need to be configured in your platform.

[IMPROVE] [Deliveries] Can choose to replace the empty translation by the source text
In the "Submit as deliverable" widget the user have now the possibility to replace the missing translation by the source text or not, like in the preview widget.

[IMPROVE] [QA] Fix situations where the Markup rule detail text was empty
Fixed a rare situation where the markup QA rule would not provide any detailing text about the error found. This should no longer happen, and there will always be detailed texts in all QA problems found.

[IMPROVE] New editor segments improvement -> Splitting pre-translated segments to preserve pre-translation
Splitting an exact pre-translated segments preserves flag for exact pre-translation instead of flagging the segment as modified by human.

[IMPROVE] Codyt jobs page improvement - Users are able to sort the records ascending/descending by words column (total words)
Users can now sort records in the Codyt jobs page based on the total word count.

[FIX] [MandatoryQA] Fix a rare situation preventing job completion
This task fixes a situation where, in certain circumstances, a job with a mandatory QA couldn't be completed despite running an error-free QA check.

[FIX] Order submission OSX compatibility update> Order submission action updated on OSX due to incompatible characters
When a client submit an order, the submission can failed if the file contain incompatible characters.
Wordbee improved the order submission stability on OSX because we noticed users had problems to submit order due to incompatible characters.

[FIX] [Fixed] Issue found during the uploading of new excel formatted translation memories
Users can now load an import profile from the system when uploading a resource in Excel format. Previously the access to the list of import profiles was denied to them.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Improvements and enhancements in the New Editor
Editor Grid:
- If the user is modifying a text and wants to update his layout (move or replace columns), a message is displayed to save the changes.
- Resizing the columns manually does not longer interfere with the page selector menu, which was constantly being displayed while applying these changes.
- The way custom fields (multiple choice type) are displayed has been improved for better readability.

Preview feature:
- Error messages are now more explicit and contain troubleshooting links from the documentation.
- The pre-selection of the working locale is more coherent
- Inconsistencies have been fixed
- UI has been updated

- Custom fields (multiple choice type) are now searchable in the Global Search (values are segment or language specific)

[FIX] Various fixes in the translation finder and timeline
Various bugs, in the translation finder, have been fixed:
- The order of hits found in the "Phrases and Terms" tab is now correct (higher figures always up)
- All "Fuzzy" hits are now identified as "Concordance" matches and appear in the right tab
- The full list of hits is now visible

- The timeline is now accessible when an user click on the comment icon in the translation cell (middle grid)

[FIX] [Fixed] It is no longer possible to "enable" the appointment checkbox in the task categories
Settings -> Task categories: the appointment checkbox should be editable where users can enable or disable it for all tasks.

[FIX] [Fixed] Issue found on the S101 report -> Wrong calculation of the total costs
Misleading total cost in report S101 (Client and supplier costs - Grouped by service) for not printing all invoices with the same service related to the total cost.

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