Release Notes 5/14/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, May 14, 2018:

[NEW] API v2: New API method to download log with the most recent data change traces
A new API method to fetch the most recent traces has been added:
Method: api/admin/logs/traces/last/{minutes}
The existing method to download traces for a full day now returns up to 20.000 items (instead of 10.000).

[NEW] Order form configuration: Master memory for consolidation automatically set
If you have configured your order form accordingly, when a client submits an order, the system creates a project and attaches to it a list of resources. It is now possible to include in that collection of resources the default Master memory for the client and activate it for automatic consolidation. With this change, the system does two things: First, it automatically includes the default Master TM for the client in each of their projects created via the order form (if the resource is not already part of the resource group, it is added on top of the list). Second, it sets this TM as a consolidation memory of the newly created project.

[IMPROVE] Standard projects: Auto-assigning job dependencies not working for jobs without documents
Standard projects: Auto-assigning job dependencies is now working in jobs without documents, with a consideration that these jobs without documents are all related.

[IMPROVE] File filter color include/exclude options: New Macintosh specific color codes added.
Mac color codes in Microsoft Office are slightly different from the Windows Office colors. We have added these additional colors with clear indication that they are Mac specific. Dark Purple, MAC MS Office 2011 (#660066) and Purple, MAC MS Office 2016 (#7030A0)

[IMPROVE] [Translation Finder] Various improvements
When the icon is focusing on the source cell, the source-target language pair of the job are both defined as the active languages in the translation finder (users don't longer need to pick each one in the language drop-down)

When the feature "Replace translation by this hit" is used, the target text is inserted where the cursor is located, except for "Phrase hits", where the text replaces the whole text in the cell.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Revisions column now respects RTL languages
The new editor team has fixed an issue with the revisions column not displaying RTL (Right to Left) languages correctly.

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