Release Notes 7/2/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, July 2, 2018:

[NEW] Conditional workflow steps: Steps are added or not depending on the word count
Project workflow settings get a new option on each workflow step. The option is named "Step is enabled if specific conditions are met".
For example, you can now decide to skip the translation step entirely if 90% of segments are pretranslated. Or you can drop the translation and add a post-edit step if a document was fully pretranslated by memories or machine. The possibilities are endless and add a lot more flexibility to your workflows.
The workflow options (Codyt projects and workflow templates) work with marking files online, order processes, MT Hive post edit requests and Beebox links.

[NEW] New language added - Karenni, Oshiwambo, Dutch (Curacao), Papiamento (Curacao)
Wordbee now supports Karenni, Oshiwambo, Dutch (Curacao), Papiamento (Curacao). The respective codes for these new languages are eky, kua, nl-CW, pap-CW.

[NEW] License & Usage page now provides Global Search usage statistics
To access Global Search page usage click "Settings" then "License & Usage" and choose "Global Search". You see a link that shows how total queries per month and total number of distinct users.

[IMPROVE] Order workflow improvement -> Send notification when order fails
Currently in the system, if an order fails, it simply does not appear anymore in the order list. To avoid misunderstanding, the system now allows for requester / managers to receive an email when this happen. Email are sent to user creating the order and the project manager if exist, in case order creation failed.

[FIX] Joining segments in the new translation editor may fail
The problem can occur In the case a document is split and assigned to two different jobs. When a user attempts to join a segment with the subsequent segment and the 2 segments cannot be joined in principle, then the document being edited may become corrupt. This problem was fixed.

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