Release Notes 7/17/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, July 17, 2018:

[NEW] [NEW] "Company details" page UX improvement: New option to download list of domains to Excel added
Wordbee has improved the UX on the "My Company details" page with a new button to allow users to download a list of domains to Excel.

[NEW] New placeholders added to the S301, S302 and S303 business reports
Wordbee has updated the S301, S302 and S303 reports with new client company field placeholders.

[NEW] Global Search: New access rights added to the feature
Wordbee has improved the Global Search feature by adding new access rights to enable or disable exporting search results to Excel.

[FIX] [New Editor] New option added to enable/disable updating locked segments
When importing Word / Excel / Xliff from the new editor, we added a new option to disable the updating of translations if the translation is locked. A user can authorize the update as long as the user has the existing access right to lock/unlock segments.

[FIX] [New Editor] New editor now retrieves all paragraph on segmented documents
Wordbee has improved the New Editor to correctly retrieve and displays all wanted paragraphs when a document is divided.

[FIX] [TranslationEditor] Fixed comment notifications not showing all available choices
Wordbee has fixed an unusual situation where some persons and/or companies wouldn't display in the dropdown to select who to notify.

[FIX] Error found when using Google exchange rates in WBT
Wordbee has fixed an error with the Google exchange rates under the "Exchange Rates" settings. This was caused because Google discontinued their finance converter since 2012.This service has been replaced with another new API.

[FIX] DeepL issues fixed
Couple of issues spotted in DeepL machine translation system, we have redrafted the code to get rid of it.

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