Release Notes 7/24/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, July 24, 2018:

[NEW] [New Editor] Improvement of Special characters within the editor on Firefox
Wordbee has improved the New Editor special character's compatibility on Firefox by allowing the WBT users to enter the key combination ALT+0201 to insert the character "É".
Wordbee also fixed at the same time the others ALT+number keyboard combinations.

[IMPROVE] New submit deliverable window
The Wordbee editor team has improved the set deliverables window to add missing functionality and to improve its usability.

[IMPROVE] [Old Editor] Wordbee has extended the file upload limit for deliverables
The file upload limit for deliverables has been upgraded from 20MB to 200MB on the Old Editor.

[FIX] [New Editor] Added new option to open documents from the job page
It is now possible to open an empty document in the New Editor from the job page. When you remove your query search, the right page is now displayed.

[FIX] [Editor] Fixed some tags not printing correctly in the translation interface
We have fixed a case where some specific tags weren't printed correctly in the translation editor preventing work on certain segments.

[FIX] [TranslationEditor] Fixed importing XLIFF files when source text ended with a line break
Previously, importing an XLIFF file didn't work in the translation editor when there was a voluntary line break added at the end of the segment. This has now been fixed

[FIX] [NewEditor] Batch actions: clear translation on source language issue
When running a clear translation on a source language, the application was loading forever ****************************************

[FIX] [Fixed] Cue identifier changed in WebVTT files after translating them
Wordbee fixed an issue with WebVTT files that caused cue identifiers to be changed after translation.

[FIX] [Fixed] Issue found with DeepL translation segments
Wordbee has fixed an issue with DeepL translator causing some segments not being translated.

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