Release Notes 8/21/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, August 21, 2019:

[NEW] Excel filters: New option to extract numeric values for translation
The Excel filter does not extract numeric cells for translation. This generally makes sense as numbers are not to translate and the format is configured in the Excel sheet to adapt to regions. In some cases you still may want to "translate" or reformat numbers such as when the format includes a currency symbol.
A new option is added to the Monolingual Excel configuration named "Extract numbers for translation". Tick option to get all numeric values into the translation editor.
NOTE: When rebuilding the Excel, the numbers are saved back as text. This means that Excel no longer considers the numbers as numeric values.

[NEW] [Search in WBT pages] Filter in Order, Project and Job pages should apply OR operator to criteria selected
New option added to Wordbee Translator to search for multiple items at the same time in custom field dropdown list(s). The new option is now available in the search bars of the Projects, Orders and Jobs pages of Wordbee Translator.

[IMPROVE] Add size-unit to xliff export when width constraints exists
We have improved the size-unit to the xliff export width minimum and maximum constraints if exists.

[FIX] Decode HTML comments in exports
Comments are being HTML encoded when sent. This adds a fix to decode then in the export as well

[FIX] Fixed issue when saving new configuration for message.
Email messages - Configuration. It is now possible to save configuration for Email messages. Append spaces at the end of sub segments only if it's ended by separator option is displayed and stored correctly.

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