Release Notes 9/6/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, September 6, 2018:

[NEW] Globalese MT connector
Globalese MT now available in the configuration Go to MT settings and configure one, it can be used for automatic translation along with Google and others

[NEW] Messages added to a job which is a job opening are now sent to all vendors (except with inactive jobs).
When an internal user adds a message to a job opening, the system now email-notifies all the suppliers that had been invited to the job opening. On the other hand, if a supplier replies back or asks a question, the message is sent to the project manager only (and not all the other suppliers).
Special notes: No emails will be sent for inactive jobs. An internal user is considered supplier if he/she is also invited to the opening.

[NEW] Query optimizations in word count and translation finder when there are multiple source language variants to search
Customers whose platform is hosted in our European Azure data center will experience faster memory searching e.g. in the editor's translation finder. Search results were improved in cases when a memory contains multiple variants of a language. For example, a memory containing texts for "en-GB", "en-US", "en" at the same time.

[NEW] New workflow option: decide whether workflows be created with an active (default) or inactive status when new files are added to a project
When new files are added to an ongoing project via Beebox, the order form or manually, the system creates workflows and starts them immediately (i.e. emails sent to suppliers etc.). The new option allows you to create the workflow and set it up as "inactive", so managers can validate the job assignments and other configurations before they kick of the proposals. The new option is named "Workflow start" and it is available in the worflow template of any Codyt project.

[NEW] Language selection in url
Fixed an issue where the requested language from url string is ignored in when the user had chosen a layout different than the recommended one

[NEW] External worker's email set to private by external manager is now private
When an external worker's email is set to private by external manager, this email is now correctly hidden for inhouse users

[IMPROVE] Multilanguage XML Context tooltip
Context Information tooltip of a Multilanguage XML configuration has been updated to reflect that if HTML is selected, Context Information is not filled unless you tick the unique segment ids checkbox below.

[FIX] [Instant Translate] Fix page load problems
We have fixed an issue preventing the page load of the Instant Translate interface of the MT Hive section.

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