Release Notes 9/13/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, September 13, 2018:

[NEW] Sentiment analysis - A new set of tools
Sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a source text or translation with respect to the overall contextual polarity or emotional reaction. A translation may be perfect yet lack the emotional content that you want to convey. We now propose all tools to leverage sentiment analysis for your benefits. Read more:

[NEW] Picklist custom fields: New setting to show field as two cascading drop down lists
Picklist custom fields can now be configured to show as two cascading drop downs. When editing the custom field: Tick the new "Cascading pick list" option and choose a "split character". For example, you could choose a slash "/" and then add these options:
Group 1
Group 1 / Section A
Group 1 / Section B
Group 2 / Red room
Group 2 / Blue room
Read the full story here:

[NEW] New Editor - Segments missing page size change
Fixed a bug where segments are missing because of a page size change. The editor is now forced to page 1.

[NEW] [Editor] Fix autopropagation not updating consistently
We have fixed an issue where autopropagation was not reflected on the loaded pages in certain circumstances until a manual page reload.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Add term in term list
In the editor, when adding a term in a term list, we had to fill all the source languages, which is different in the old editor. We want to keep some consistancy between those.

[FIX] Segment context issue found within WBT
When filtering a segment in the new editor, clicking on the context button will not show the right context.

[FIX] [Editor] Fixed comment notifications not showing all available choices
Wordbee has fixed an unusual situation where some persons and/or companies wouldn't display in the dropdown to select who to notify.

[FIX] [Editor] "Set Deliverable" fixes
When a user is not authorized to upload a file as a deliverable or a file into the attachments folders, the system must be disable the "Drop file area" and the "Create file" button.

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