Release Notes 9/18/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, September 18, 2018:

[NEW] [VideoPreview] New YouTube connector
The video module add-on in the new editor has been updated and now includes a YouTube connector, allowing the copy and subtitle previewing from YouTube sources.

[NEW] [Editor] Column managing in export popup fixed
We fixed a bug happening when managing with drag and drop columns to export in the export popup from the editor.

[NEW] Creating source task jobs now correctly sets source locale as source and target
Creating a standard job for source language only (either from an order or from the project page) now correctly sets the pair of locales

[NEW] QA Term Check rule: Eliminate false positives by accepting minor variations in the translation of the term (such as plural vs singular)
We have added a new option to the Term Checker QA-rule. This rule looks up terms in a source text and checks if the translator used the exact same term translations. The new option let you specify if translated terms must be identical or just very similar to the translations found in the term base. The latter will then not flag differences such as plural/singular as problem cases.
This helps to eliminate a lot of false positives.

Learn how to configure this feature here:

[NEW] Email reminders for deadlines: New project workflow option to remind suppliers by email
The workflow settings of a project got a new feature (See "Workflow & Suppliers" page of project). The new option "Send email alerts to suppliers when deadline approaches" sends deadline reminders to suppliers. For example 1 hour, 4 hours or days prior to the deadline.
You can customize the layout and content of these emails under "Settings" > "Email notifications".

[NEW] New Follow-up order workflow added
The current workflow and order TR+REV+KL is eliminated and removed from the order form. The order form is expanded by a field called “Referenz-Auftrags-ID” (referenced order ID) which allows each client by dropdown to connect an order to an earlier order irrespective of its status, except canceled orders (i.e. client can choose incomplete orders too, in this case, no final file would be added but only source file and intermediary versions would be added only if available). A mouse over help box will be added to the field.

[IMPROVE] Small fixes for the new sentiment analysis feature
We have fixed two small issues with the new Sentiment Analysis feature. This fixes initial extracted segments showing sentiments as outdated, and ensures that sentiment analysis results can be displayed regardless of the OS and browser used in the translation editor.

[IMPROVE] Batch actions now can process up to 100.000 segments in one step instead of the current 10.000 segments limit
Increased the batch actions to be able to process 100000 segments instead of 10000

[FIX] [Editor] Add Split and Join access right
The "Can Split and Join" access right is now taken into account in the editor's interface. The split/join button will now appear only when the user has the appropriate access right.

[FIX] API / Intermittent errors with workflow completion post-operations when triggered by API: Consolidation and Delivery
When multiple or all workflows in a project are completed at approximately the same time, it may happen that one of the post-completion actions of one or more of these workflows may fail. This problem has been resolved by ensuring that these actions run one after the other so as to not interfere between each other (they operate on the same project and memory data).

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