Release Notes 10/2/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, October 2, 2018:

[NEW] [Editor] Autocorrect locales fix
Autocorrect popup now correctly select a language even if they are with country locale. Added different preferences for different country version of language

[NEW] New editor: New option to switch between jobs directly from within the editor
New navigation button are added to the top bar. The user can now switch beetween two different job directly from the editor

With the quick navigation, the user can display the next or previous selected job, or search a specific job

[NEW] Vicomtech PLATA Machine Translation system now accessible from within Wordbee Translator
We added a connector for the PLATA machine translation system. PLATA is a highly customizable and trainable engine. For more information and to sign up please go to

[NEW] New language added - Chaldean Neo-Aramaic
Wordbee now supports Chaldean Neo-Aramaic. The code for this new language is cld.

[NEW] Word count profile: New option added to boost translation memory hits
The new option allows users to get an additional boost to hits that have the same context value as the segment being searched.
The context of a segment typically contains formatting information such as "Heading 1", "Hyperlink" etc. or, when localizing software, string IDs or keys. Specifically with software localization this setting should be increased.
Users will find this new option in "Settings" > "Word count configurations" > choose a configuration.
NOTE: This feature is not available in all client accounts today. It will be rolled out to all clients until the end of the year,

[FIX] Discovery of potential errors in the translation finder window in certain conditions
Wordbee has discovered and fixed various errors in the translation finder window in certain conditions. In some cases the translation finder did not show results, but an error message instead. This problem was introduced in an earlier release this afternoon CEST.

[FIX] [Editor] Save problems
We have fixed certain situations where the save process could be ignored when switching pages. This also fixes some rare pagination problems that can occur after a save process.

[FIX] Revert Microsoft MT back to V2 due to issues on the MT V3
Due to unexpected changes Microsoft did to MT V3, and stopping the Hub, we are reverting back to V2 temporarily until we come up with solutions to avoid data loss.

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