Release Notes 10/16/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, October 16, 2018:

[NEW] Fixed excel export with context columns
It is now possible to export any column type into an Excel document to work offline. This includes the possibility to export out of the box columns and custom fields, related to segment and/or language information.

[IMPROVE] Substantially faster export of resources to TMX, Excel, CSV
Exporting of resources was reworked to execute substantially faster. In some cases this may be 20 times faster. This improvement is now live.

[FIX] [Editor] Issue found regarding segment filters
An issue has been fixed with the "not translated segments" filter in certain conditions. When filtering on it, no segments were retrieved even if there were untranslated segments.

[FIX] Creating source task jobs now correctly sets source locale as source and target - improvements
Creating a standard job for source language only (either from an order or from the project page) now correctly sets the pair of locales: fixes done (dtp free now is only created once, dtp free are now created with 1 language when created manually)

[FIX] [Editor] Issue found when using the alt-down shortcut
There was an issue when using the ALT-down shortcut. The right segment was selected, but the caret was still on the previous segment. This was fixed and pushed to production.

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