Release Notes 12/4/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, December 4, 2019:

[NEW] [Parser] Reduced number of tags for some InDesign documents
Documents with a lot of texts broken down in CharacterStyleRange tags and Properties tags that are repeated should produce less tags for translators.

[NEW] JSON filter: New version 2 configuration option: More powerful, more capabilities, easier to configure
When configuring JSON files you are given a new option to switch to the new version 2 implementation. The way how files are configured has been substantially simplified and is capable of translating virtually any mono- and multi-lingual JSON files. Read about the new features here:

[NEW] Fix: XLS issue with office 365, when importing to TM
XLS (2003) format exported from office 365 now works and parsed correctly when importing to TM.

[NEW] XLIFF files with different structure
The editor will be able to detect the unix end line encoding for XLIFF files and the output files should follow the same file ending criteria

[IMPROVE] Order deadline extended
In the order form the calendar deadline, start date, end date, and files upload calendar date time picker have been extended from 1 year to 3 years

[IMPROVE] Global Search page: We improved on the quality and relevance sorting of hits shown
The Global Search page has been improved. The sorting of hits by relevance has been improved. For example, when typing a term, the exact and similar terms will show on top.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Find and Replace now opens with the correct locale
We have improved the find and replace module which will now open with the appropriate locale instead of an arbitrary one

[FIX] Issue with comments Link in notification email
After submit a comment,
When the user click on the link present in the email, the redirection is now functional

[FIX] Fixed issue with Microsoft MT
We fixed an issue with Microsoft machine translation custom engine not working for all languages, it was broken for Chinese traditional, but now it's working fine.

[FIX] Translation finder preview
Previewing a language set which doesn't have a segment, shows an empty page with message "No results found".

[FIX] [BB] 110% matching from files from beebox
Beebox takes also the boundaries segments (first and last) segment into consideration when checking for perfect match 110%

[FIX] [TM] pre-translation from translation memories
Pre-translation from translation memories only translated if the job source language is the same as the translation memory source language

[FIX] [Global Search] Access a segment
When choosing a segment from the global search in Wordbee it opens in the editor on the selected segment

[FIX] [Editor] Copy markup to target
Fix a bug concerning the action 'Copy markup to target' accessible in segments' three dots menu.
The tags was not copied when the both displayed columns are identified like two sources languages in the project

[FIX] [Editor] Fixed batch actions not working on resources
We have fixed a situation that was preventing the user from executing batch actions (change status/bookmark) in resources

[FIX] Wordbee Flex: Added tag based segmentation, Replace terms by markup, New option to hide tags
Multiple new features are added to the Wordbee Flex API. (1) Next to SRX, we give the option to split HTML content by tags across all languages. This permits to cut down longer segments into smaller pieces. (2) The Flex configuration now permits to replace text by markup using regular expressions, (3) The Flex configuration now permits to hide leading and trailing markup in the translation editor.

[FIX] [Global Search] The settings page fully working in special cases
The settings page for Global Search can now be loaded even if the previously assigned resource was deleted.

[FIX] [TermMgmt] Fixed a situation preventing adding a language to a concept
We have fixed an issue that could prevent the user from adding a language to a concept in certain situations

[FIX] Fix: Editor Spellchecker is not initialized with the target language by default.
Issue has been fixed, and Spellchecker works as expected, selecting the target language initializes the Spellchecker correctly.

[FIX] [EDITOR] Enhanced consistency with highlighting
We have improved the stability of the highlighting function. It should no longer show misplaced highlight and offer a better usability.

[FIX] [EDITOR] Improved consistency in handling focused cells
We have fixed the bug that was causing the loss of focus when using the global search or the split and join functions.
Once focused a given cell will remain focused in those conditions.

[FIX] [Editor][SearchBar] Clearing search now goes back to previously selected segment
After clearing one of your search queries, the editor will now go back to the segment you were previously working on.

[FIX] [Parsing] Excel exclude by color
When having an excel cell with two text that has different color one only the one that is marked to be excluded will be, but not the entire cell

[FIX] [External connections] Frontlab connection on Azure.
Frontlab connection through proxy on Azure platforms is working now.

[FIX] Fix dimmed "Save" button after deleting a custom field in "Terms" part
fixed problem When editting a Terminology Database from "Terminology Manager" , if you deleted a custom field in "Terms" Part, save button remains dimmed.

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