Release Notes 12/11/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, December 11, 2019:

[NEW] [Locale] Add new language "Pohnpeian"
Adding a new language in Wordbee which is "Pohnpeian" and it's language code is "pon" can be used in projects, jobs, and resources.

[NEW] Duplicate Numbers skipped by QA
Added a fix for the "Date and number Check" rule to correctly identify missing integer numbers and dates

[IMPROVE] Microsoft MT Translation - We improved the Microsoft Connector with respect to handling of markup information
Markup positioning is now improved when using the Microsoft MT connector. Microsoft MT is an Azure service with a large number of supported languages: and the possibility to train your own MT corporas.

[IMPROVE] Email notification status for calendar events
Email notification that is coming from the calendar events now has a prefix stating what is the status of the event if it's deleted, updated, or new

[FIX] Fixed issue with order form edit not loading correct target languages list
When you set target languages in classic order form settings, it affects target languages list loaded for any order edit, even if it's created using new order form, this is now fixed and each order editing loading corresponding form settings specified target languages.

[FIX] [Notifications] CC emails will now receive calendar events
Emails set in cc on the account page will receive calendar events messages

[FIX] Email Notifications: Events not Sorted by order in Notification Sent
Adding sorting by start date to the way calendar events are displayed in the Current Activity

[FIX] Jobs page for codyt project
In codyt project in the jobs page all jobs are now displayed correctly without showing an error message.

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