Release Notes 12/19/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, December 19, 2019:

[NEW] [Flex] New option with pull requests. Flag to send back original text if no translation supplied.
[Flex] New option with pull requests. Flag to send back original text if no translation supplied.

[NEW] Update the Language Code for Montenegrin
The Language code of Montenegrin is updated to be "cnr" instead of "me" to be in accordance withe the ISO related to language codes

[NEW] New pre-set workflow
New pre-set workflow with two parallel translation tasks, one reconciliation task, two parallel back-translation tasks, and one back-validation task

[NEW] [Standard] New icon for jobs if segments are updated after job completion
In standard project added a new icon will be added that shows after the last workflow step in the project is completed if the file has changed after the last workflow starts

[NEW] [Flex] Add fuzzy matching when comparing texts for alignment (such as disregard quotes or minor differences)
[Flex] Add fuzzy matching when comparing texts for alignment (such as disregard quotes or minor differences)[

[NEW] [Global Search] Settings to show filtered segments when tool is integrated in external pages
add a new option for global search options, when this option is activated, all the global search results will include only green status translations.

[IMPROVE] Word count operations: Performance enhancement
Heuristics were implemented to shorten the time to word count in specific cases. These are (a) A high amount of 100% or 110% hits available for a document - up to 2 times faster. (b) When adding a new version of a Codyt document and a good amount of texts were translated in the previous version. (c) Recounting a document which is partially or fully translated.

[IMPROVE] [Microsoft Word] The system now extracts for translation index references embedded in the text in addition to the index section
This improvement is for users who are translating Microsoft Word documents that contain index references and an index section. The system now extracts the index terms embedded in the text as well as the index terms in the index section. As such the resulting Word document will contain all index elements fully translated.

[FIX] [Editor] Fixed batch actions not applying on certain filters
We have fixed a small issue that prevented users to apply batch actions on segments that were filtered by their id. This situation could happen for instance after filtering on segments that had QA issues.

[FIX] JSON with empty key
JSON files that contains empty key are now all just getting extracted and the last segment int the target is being extracted correctly.

[FIX] SubSegmenst QA Check Mark Up Rule
The sub-segments are to be taken into consideration for the Markup Rule of QA Check , additionally the errors should appear on the relevant segment and/or sub segment that has errors for the mark up rule.

[FIX] [Editor] Fix page load for Internet Explorer 11
We have fixed an issue that prevented opening the translation editor in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

[FIX] Fix : Big .PO files reconstruction escapes segments after 32767 segments.
Now Big files of type .PO is parsed and reconstructed correctly with no limit on the number of segments.

[FIX] [Editor] Removed the layout notification popup when opening the Global Search
The Global Search window now no longer prompts a layout change in the editor interface

[FIX] [Editor] Navigate to segment feature fixed
We have fixed a situation where the navigate to segment feature would not work when trying to reach a segment not loaded in the current page

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  • 1
    Andrew Jones

    Is there a term extraction tool now in Wordbee?

  • 0
    Anita Sempels

    Hi Andrew,

    A term extraction tool is on the planning. We can share more info in approx 2 weeks.



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