Release Notes 12/30/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, December 30, 2019:

[NEW] Fix Display in Planning& Calendar Page
The Display of projects in case of day light savings timezone should display the calendar properly

[NEW] [Supplier Groups] Remove limitation on services listed or increase limit (currently 100)
The limitation on services listed for the supplier groups was extended to be up to 1000 (One Thousand)

[IMPROVE] Upload new document version in a Codyt project: Source only workflow steps are not created
The issue occurs when you have a Codyt workflow that includes a source language - only task such as linguistic preparation. When you mark a document for translation all steps are created as they should. The problem happens when you use the function to replace the document with a new version (Manage popup > Upload new version). When doing so the source-only step/job is not created. This problem has been fixed.

[IMPROVE] [Global Search] Improve results relevance when searching shorter terms
When typing terms that contain very common words, the global search did not necessarily promote hits where the terms appear in sequence. The algorithms were slightly adjusted to promote exact terms to the top. Casing is disregarded though. Also note that stopwords are removed from the search term.

[IMPROVE] Fix: Client can input invalid date range in company days off planning tool.
A warning is thrown to the user if an invalid date range is selected.

[FIX] [Editor] Fix for the show context functionality
We have fixed the functionality allowing to view the context of a segment from the Global Search window. This will no longer trigger an error.

[FIX] Fixed issue on saving terms with custom fields
An issue happened when trying to save new term with custom fields specified, it was not saved successfully, this issue has been fixed and now working properly.

[FIX] Display correct text when hovering over tags
In the editor when hovering over tags it will display the correct corresponding text as before it was converted into a tag

[FIX] [Translation finder] Show hits in the editor.
Translation finder show the hits for the filtered source and target when opening a hit coming from terminology database.

[FIX] Business analytics months
[Business Analytics] Charts months instead of showing in French language it will be shown in English .

[FIX] [API] /jobs/list
Optimization for /jobs/list endpoint to make it work with bigger amounts of data on clients platforms.

[FIX] New term entry in terminology management issue fixed
Fixed bug in terminology management when trying to create new entry with custom fields it was failing, now this is fixed and working normally.

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