Release Notes 1/15/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, January 15, 2020:

[NEW] Preset language in translation finder popup
Preset language when opening the resources within the translation finder will now have the selected source and target of the hit

[NEW] IDML - Side effect of an extra hard return
Added logic to auto remove extra trailing returns in segments on the editor and ignore them for already existing segments to ensure correct IDML document rendering

[NEW] Auto propagation in resources
[Editor] Auto propagation in resources will be disabled when saving changes and the change will not be propagated.

[NEW] [Reports] New customizable report to print translations, revisions and comments from the editor
We added a business report that prints translations, revisions and comments in a user friendly report. The report is accessible from the translation editor's Document > Export menu. You can customize the report if subscribed to the Reporting component.
About report and customization options:

[NEW] Email notification when changes are pushed into a Flex document
When segments are added, changed: Send an email notification to workers.

[NEW] Added Support for "Maay Maay"language.
Added Support for "Maay Maay"language, language code is "ymm" , to enable the language go to settings, languages an then enable.

[IMPROVE] [PDF Parser] new exception type (Exceeds page size limit)
Changes in OCR Service and PDF Parser to support new exception type (Exceed page size limit)

[IMPROVE] [Editor] The filter to find repetitions has been amended following user requests
The filter is now able to find identical repetitions whether translations are leveraged or not, machine translated or not. In addition, you can now also filter for repetitions within the same document.
The options to find fuzzy repetitions have been removed.

[FIX] Creating a job through Beebox
When Creating a job through Beebox and the project contains resources it will create a job for the file correctly.

[FIX] Creating a verbose invoice
Creating an verbose invoice from existing jobs doesn't give "page or functionality failed error", added a null check for the cost details when creating a new invoice.

[FIX] Terminology manager default language
When opening a terminology manager with a specific language it will be the default selected language when the editor is opened

[FIX] API V2 company/list custom fields
In API V2 company/list retrieve all the custom fields related to the company and the value of these fields

[FIX] Text boxes MS word file affects the Wordcount of WordBee
Fixed issue related to Text boxes on Microsoft word file that affects the Word count and segments counts of Word-Bee.

[FIX] Searching with a term on Editor when selecting "All documents" shows no results.
We have fixed an issue causing wrong results when searching in the editor with "All documents" selected. The segments are now correctly searched in all the documents of the project

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