Release Notes 2/26/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, February 26, 2020:

[NEW] Issue: Viewing Job details is not working in certain scenarios
Creating jobs and viewing the Job details works as expected.

[FIX] [Editor] Scrolling is fixed in Global Search
The issues with scrolling is now fixed and so it's possible to scroll and navigate between the different pages in the Global search window.

[FIX] Fix: Pretranslation not working correctly with identical segments, if project memory is disabled.
Issue fixed and pretransaltion for identical segments gives high priority to the translation memory when project memory is disabled.

[FIX] Fix problem with master/persons in API v1
Fix the problem where that some 6 persons that come in the second fetch are repeated and already exist in the list of 100 persons we get in the first fetch. Some persons are not fetched because of that

[FIX] JSON v2 filter: Editing language mappings configuration does allows typing alphanumeric characters only. Needs to allow typing any character.
Language mappings in multilingual JSON v2 configurations let you map locales to node names. For example: "en": "English", "fr": "French". This improvement now allows you to type any character in the second part, such as: "en": "English_My Language".
from language codes to user defined codes wrongly prevent use of some characters such as underscore

[FIX] Regex in Json Configuration V2
[JSON file] The Regex in the words or terms fields is currently effective in case of Json version 2

[FIX] Add Language Tonga (Zambia)
Added Language Tonga (Zambia) "toi" to the platform pages (Orders, Projects, Suppliers, Resources,...) and Languages Settings

[FIX] Fix issue where Translation Finder does not show matches when opened separately
Fix the problem where the Translation Finder does not show hits when opened in a separate window, added an update check when the translation finder detached to update the UI

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