Release Notes 11/20/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, November 20, 2018:

[NEW] New QA rule: Flag segments with regular expressions
A new "Regular expression" rule is now available for QA. The new rule permits to define 1 or more regex. If the translation matches one of these then it is considered erroneous. In addition you can optionally supply regex to filter segments to check by their source text.

You can customize QA profiles in Settings > QA Profiles. You run QA from the translation editor or automatically by configuring a workflow profile. Learn more about QA profiles in the documentation:

[NEW] New language added to Wordbee Translator: Chichewa from Malawi
We added Chichewa from Malawi to the list of languages available in Wordbee-translator.
You can find details about languages in Wordbee in the documentation:

[NEW] Workflow setting: New option added for the automatic delivery of files back to client order.
In a project workflow setting you can choose to have deliverables be transferred into a client order automatically, when the workflow for the file is completed. We added a new powerful feature below this option:
* Choose if the deliverable shall be renamed: Append or prepend the document name with the language code.
* Choose the folder in the client order to save the deliverable. Up to now, this was preset to the language code. Now you can choose among language code, language name, any folder name or no folder at all.
I hope you wil find this new option helpful to streamline your operations.

[FIX] [Improvement] - The Job management window has been improved for cost calculation
Wordbee has improved the "Job management" window to re calculate cost option preserves current selected service for re-calculations.

[FIX] [Fixed] Error in TMX-export
Error reported while trying to export a resource to TMX file with too many segments, this has been fixed.

[FIX] Loosing scroll position when adding a term to a termlist
A bug has been fixed : when creating a new ressource entry, the scroll position of the main grid was lost. It is now saved when adding a new ressource entry.

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