Maintenance Downtime

We are announcing a change in the servers’ infrastructure for migrated platforms, which will require maintenance time for almost an hour.

This change will enhance the performance and a huge decrease in the load time.

Several factors created the need for some updates which will occur on Friday the 6th of March 2020 between 6 am till 7 am CET.

During the maintenance time, users may encounter some slowness and time out errors, therefore, we do not recommend using either the editor or the platform, by that time to avoid losing changes.

We are confident that this change will be a positive one.

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    Rama Krishna Karumudi

    Hi Sara and Team,

    Would it be not beneficial to update this in the Status page as well.

    The status page seems just there and we don't see any updates made in there even when there is a deployment going on. You guys really need to fix this as we usually point all our teams to check there before they log a support ticket with us. Since they don't see any information there, the teams are just logging a support ticket as soon as the system is slow which is happening a lot in the last month or so. And this exercise is wasting our valuable time and in turn we come to you where you waste your resources to just let us know that there is a deployment going on.

    Best Regards,

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