Release Notes 11/29/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, November 29, 2018:

[NEW] Wordbee Translator now always runs using https. Option to switch to http has been removed.
For security reasons we have now removed the possibility available in "Settings" > "Advanced security settings" to enable http for Wordbee Translator. Any platform is now always running using the secure https protocol.

[NEW] Encoding information added with API 2 http responses. Setting deliverables in new editor enhanced.
This item covers different enhacements regarding encoding of xml, html and other formats:
API 2 provides a wide range of methods to download original files, translated files or previews. These methods did not set the "charset" (file encoding) information in the http response header. In addition, the "charset" is supplied with other API 2 methods where this makes sense. Furthermore, API methods to work with files include an "encoding" property.
This refers specifically to these API methods "/api/resources/files/****"
The selection of the encoding when previewing files sometimes did not take into account the selected encoding (and instead chose the encoding of the original file). This generally is not a problem unless you explicitly want to change the target encoding.
When submitting a deliverable and a deliverable already exists, the system required you to first click the delete icon before creating a new deliverable. Now, this extra step is no longer required. The old behavior was a bit confusing.

[NEW] Codyt project: Preselect most recent order when marking file online, instead of no order
When marking a file for translation in a Codyt project, the dialog proposes to select the order (if any) to which the document refers to. By default, no order is preselected in the picklist. With this development, the most recent order (in case there is more than 1 in the project) is preselected. This reduces the number of clicks since we assume that any document refers to an order if an order exists in the project.

Learn more about this feature in the documentation:

[IMPROVE] Beebox Live Preview - Return details when an error occurs
When an error occurs while trying to preview a document from the editor using Beebox Live Preview, the details are now visible (document does not exist, internal error, ...)

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Various improvements
Minor bug fixes in the Export module (Word/Excel)
- It's now possible to sort columns to configure the desired layout by dragging and dropping them.
- In Word, limitations on max. and min. number of columns to export is now available (an information box is displayed to give feedback to the user)

Timeline (filtering)
- Revisions panel shows the task identifier showing in which workflow step were the changes made.

Global Search (filtering)
- Directly show existing translations for the language pair of your job.

[IMPROVE] Business reports: New placeholder for order ID in reports S400 and S410
Business reports: New placeholder for order ID in reports S400 and S410
see :

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Various improvements
New shortcuts:
- CTRL+ENTER: Validate current segment and move to the next one.
- CTRL+SHIFT+H: Show segment revisions

New default values in the Editor settings:
- General setting "Automatically translate terms from translation memory or term base hits" is disabled by default
- Shortcut "Join current segment with next segment" has a new default value (CTRL+ALT+J)

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Various improvements
Edit a hit in the translation finder, the translation finder should be refreshed
When a user create a new entry in resource, if middle grid displayed this resources and the user is on the last page, the grid should be refreshed, and the translation finder too
When a user manage his columns, the language list is now sorted (alphabetic)
When the compact view is selected, the quick actions (status, bookmark, comments) are now visible on the hover and can be activated by the user
Now possible to select a machine translation hit and insert hit with shortcuts combinations

[FIX] Editors reported preview not Working: Invalid Parameter "Editors" Warning
Editors reported preview not Working: Invalid Parameter "Editors" Warning, this is now fixed and working properly.

[FIX] [Fixed] - Codyt jobs statistics popup not showing number of un-translated segments and number of words correctly
[Fixed] - Codyt jobs statistics popup not showing number of un-translated segments and number of words correctly

[FIX] Optimization: Standard project jobs with many hundreds of files may not open in editor
We have improved the system to better cope with Standard project jobs that contain many hundreds of files (in a single job). Opening such jobs in the editor and viewing all documents together, as well as viewing the work progress statistics may result in an error message. This fix should improve on it. However, please note that jobs with a very high number of documents in 1 job may still result in an error. Try to keep the number of documents per job below a few hundred.

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