Release Notes 3/27/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, March 27, 2020:

[NEW] More segmentation options available beyond SRX with all file filters: SRX, Markup based, Newlines and None. Added to Wordbee Translator and Beebox.
All filters now propose additional segmentation options beyond SRX. One option to simply split at newlines. One new option to split at markup (you supply in the configuration a list of tag names).
In addition, Beebox introduces segmentation for multilingual files such as xml, json, csv or excel. Multilingual files are now split across all languages.

[NEW] [Flex] New APIs to select available Flex filter profiles and allow to optionally specify profile when creating a new Flex container
Read about the API changes on these pages:

Enumerating filter configurations:

Specifying the filter configuration ID when creating new Flex containers:

[NEW] New video subtitling format added: STL
Wordbee now can handle the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) STL subtitle format, it is a widely adopted in the broadcast industry, It is published by the EBU in 1991.

[FIX] Fix: Right to left languages are not aligned to the right in global search.
Right to left languages are now aligned to the right in Global search result.

[FIX] The Invoices Addresses appear properly
The Address of the the invoices are shown properly in case that the Template of the excel permit this by having the cell format set to Wrap Text and having an accommodating width and height

[FIX] [Flex] Improvement for Flex configuration option to remove blanks for CJK languages
When activating the option to remove blanks for CJK languages in Flex configuration, the very initial and very last whitespaces are wrongly removed. This applies when a text is segmented in sub-segments. The prefix of the first sub segment and the suffix of the last sub segment will no longer be removed.

[FIX] Fix: Order Form: Error With Tasks Not Requiring Documents.
Error thrown when submitting an order form that has no files attached even though the order type doesn't require uploading files.

[FIX] Fix SRX Issue
This fix is done to fix a bug that prevent files from being marked for translation when the used configurations has the option SRX disabled

[FIX] "Replace single quotes" rule in Auto-Correct
"Replace single quotes" rule in Auto-Correct now takes the value into consideration when adding a single quote in the editor

[FIX] Fix: Reports with xls extension already uploaded as custom reports are not working.
The system now generates old xls extension reports as the new extension xlsx, but newly uploaded reports will be xlsx format only.

[FIX] Fixed issue with viewing documents.
Issue reported when viewing documents directly from documents tab in project page, by clicking view segments, of not being able to split/join segments, this issue is now solved.

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