Release Notes 4/25/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Saturday, April 25, 2020:

[NEW] Editor: Display content in two-columns for source only tasks
The two-column view is now available in the Editor for source only tasks as well. All the options in the target column are properly displayed.

[NEW] [Flex] Add API method to send text events into the Flex document log file
A new API method was added to append any custom messages to the Flex log. See:

To view logs from Wordbee Translator, check out:

[FIX] [Projects - workflow] Selecting new tasks
[Projects - workflow] You should now be able to edit the options in your current workflow and add new tasks without affecting other tasks. This can be done either from the Projects or Settings area.

[FIX] Home Page: Personal Calendar
When you mark days in the calendar as worked or non-worked, the days are now displayed correctly both on your Home and Planning pages.

[FIX] Custom Price Lists
When the Standard price list is disabled, the custom price list is now properly attached to the project and order form. This results in correct calculations for invoices.

[FIX] Translation Finder: Access rights 320 for External Suppliers
Access Rights 320 for External Suppliers are now working properly. If the users don't have the enough rights to edit the resources, the Edit button will not be shown anymore.

[FIX] Editor: Infinity scroll and page navigation
The Infinity scroll feature in the Editor keeps track of the last scrolled position to be able to navigate to the next page.

[FIX] Editor: Using Find & Replace to replace one word
Editor: You should now be able to replace one term/word with the help of Find & Replace feature.

[FIX] Customisation: Download list of all TBX fields
When accessing the Terminology Management configuration, you should now be able to download the list of all TBX fields in an Excel file.

[FIX] Editor: Internal Suppliers can accept jobs
The Internal Suppliers are now able to accept jobs from the Editor even when the Terms & Conditions in Settings are disabled.

[FIX] Cannot add an internal supplier to an existing group.
Some clients encountered this issue in very specific scenarios. It has been now fixed.

[FIX] Using Tilde Machine Translation system to translate texts containing umlaut characters
Source texts containing umlaut characters are now rendered properly in the target language when using Tilde machine translation.

[FIX] [Editor] Detaching timeline
[Editor] When detaching the Timeline in Translation Editor as separate window, you will now be able to view the comments and history of the selected segments.

[NEW] File uploaded with zero-width space couldn't be opened or downloaded
Files containing zero-width space are now handled correctly when uploading and downloading.

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