Release Notes 5/7/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, May 7, 2020:

[NEW] [Word count] New Machine Translation word count profile for Repetitions
This development adds 2 exciting features:
(1) Repetitions are now highlighted in the Translation Editor with a small [R] icon. This goes hand in hand with the recently added filter option for repetitions.
(2) A new option is available on the word count profile: "Settings" > "Word counting" > "Pre-Translation by Machine Translation". Tick the option "Do not machine translate identical repetitions" to enable this setting in your project. As a result, the segments that are identical repetitions within the same document will not be translated by machine, but left blank. Instead, they will be counted as identical repetitions in the word count.

This new development aims to reduce the MT translation costs. For example, you can use the new word count profile in specific post-editing workflows where you do not want to pre-populate repetitions until the first occurrence has been post-edited.

[NEW] Languages list: "Mandinka" (mnk) language
Mandinka language (mnk) has been added to Wordbee. You can select it from the Languages list and add it to your project.

[IMPROVE] Job API - Performance improvement
We have enhanced the response time of API calls for jobs lists. The API now excludes jobs with status "Archived, Cancelled, Completed" if they have been created more than a year ago.

[IMPROVE] [Editor - Speech Recognition] General "Click to talk" improvements
As of today, the Google Chrome users benefit of the general improvements we have made to the "Click to talk", speech recognition feature.

[IMPROVE] API: Flex log file enhancements
The Flex log file now provides the following information:
* Commits are now word counted and counts are included in the log.
* Invalid segments that reference nonexistent segments in the target text are logged with the bad keys.
* Event is included in the log file even if the commit did not affect any segment in the Flex document.
* The unique transaction ID is logged with each commit.

More information on accessing the log:

[FIX] Language codes: Chichewa (Malawi) not displaying correctly
The language code for Chichewa (Malawi) is now displayed correctly everywhere in the system: Chichewa (Malawi) (ny-MW​).

[FIX] Invoices: Inconsistent total amounts in web and Excel view
The inconsistency was due to the fact that the system calculated the invoice totals based on the initial values, whereas in Excel the decimal values were rounded up. Now the invoice total amount is consistent with the Excel value and it is calculated based on the decimal points configured.

[FIX] Reports: Custom Report with (.xls) extension
All custom reports can now be generated in .xlsx file format as well.

[FIX] Editor: Access rights R250 "Can access the translation editor"s
As of today, users can access the Translation Editor only if the access rights (R250) are enabled.

[NEW] [Flex] Costing - API 2 methods to cost Flex or crowdsourcing work
We have added API 2 methods to calculate word counts and costs for Flex or crowd-sourced documents by period and worker.

[NEW] Editor: "Copy markup to target"
"Copy markup to target" now works correctly with/without cursor on the page. No segments are removed when clicking to copy the markup.

[FIX] Machine Translation: Errors when using DeepL
All errors have been fixed. You can now use DeepL machine translation system to translate documents.

[FIX] Machine Translation: Word count of pre-translated documents
The word count of pre-translated documents with < 100% matching in standard projects is no more affected when running MT.

[FIX] Editor: Timeline revision UI
The timeline revision in the Editor now displays all items correctly when scaling the window to 100%.

[FIX] Editor: Editing a hit in Translation Finder
When editing a hit in the Translation Finder, the editor does not go to the first segment in the grid but stays at the current position.

[FIX] Calendar notifications: Updating/Removing Events for a Supplier
Calendar notifications are now sent using the Supplier company name (not the admin name).

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    Salma Daoud

    Hello Petra,

    Regarding, your first inquiry, we are aware of the issue and our development team is working on a fix to address this.

    This will be fixed under reference WM-4860, you may open a ticket if you wish to follow up closely on the fix.

    As for the second point, I'm afraid this is not fully clear as there hasn't been any recent change in the statuses of source segments with them always having status bar next to them.

    We will be opening a ticket on your behalf for further discussion on the second point and to provide more clarification.

    With Regards,


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    Petra Van Roy

    Good morning!

    It is no longer possible since the release to expand or shrink segments. Before segment 2 and 2-2 could be merged for example. This is no longer the case...

    We were also wondering why the source segments now also have a status?


    Kind regards,


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