Release Notes 5/21/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, May 21, 2020:

[NEW] [Editor] Flag icon for auto-propagated segments
The segments that are auto-propagated during translation are now flagged as "AP".

[NEW] New API 2 method to calculate statistics on segment and text fields
The new API 2 method is described here:

[NEW] [Flex] A new filter configuration option for content modifications
We have added a new filter for content modifications: "Do not reset status of translation with markup-only changes". This means that when there are no changes in the actual target text, the status of translation is not reset.

This filter applies only to the target text! Any modifications in the source text will trigger the red status in the translation.

[IMPROVE] [Target file generation] XLIFF support for CDATA elements
If you translate an XLIFF file containing CDATA elements, you are now able to generate the target files correctly. The CDATA elements present in the source file are preserved in the target file as well.

[IMPROVE] [MS Word Configuration] Add Google Purple to color translation list
We have added Google Purple (#9900ff) to the list of colors available in the configuration of MS Word file type. Go to "Customization" > "Microsoft Word - Configuration" > "Do not translate ticked colors" and select "Google purple" from the list.

[FIX] [Editor Search Bar] Filter for "not translated" segments
Segments are now filtered properly in the Editor when you use the "missing or bad translation" filter to search for untranslated segments.

[FIX] [File formats] Parsing InDesign (.indd) files
You are now able to mark .INDD files for online translation. However, if there are issues with the file itself, the conversion process might fail.

[FIX] [Editor] Error when previewing PPT files with specific layout
The error was caused by the file permission settings. This has now been fixed.

[FIX] [Job costing] Recalculation with disabled price list
If you need to recalculate the cost of a job when the price list is no longer active, the system will now select the first available price list in your list.

It is recommended that you carefully set up and order your price lists in "My company" > "Prices" so that you know which list the system will pick as default.

[FIX] [UI] Orders view affected by the length of the text
The UI design is not affected anymore by the length of the text in the order description. The Orders view now displays properly.

[FIX] [Word counting in Standard Jobs] The analysis grid does not display correctly
The word count analysis grid in Standard Jobs now displays the number of matches in the appropriate columns. The results are consistent with the Excel report.

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