Release Notes 6/18/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, June 18, 2020:

[NEW] [Machine Translation] Editor now shows the MT system used for translating each segment.
Hovering over the MT icon of a machine translated text will show the MT connector used for the translation of the respective segment.

This information is further visible in the revision history with MT translated texts and a few more places:
- the word count popup of a document/job;
- the word count detailed report and;
- the Codyt job work progress tool-tip.

[NEW] [QA] Add "Missing Space Before Punctuation" QA Rule
It is now possible to configure a new QA rule to flag missing spaces before preconfigured punctuation marks. This new QA rule is deactivated by default, and should be activated and properly configured only for languages where these spaces are required such as French, for example.

[NEW] [Machine Translation] API URL configuration for Tilde Machine Translation
Now you can manually configure the API URL for Tilde Machine Translation. This feature enables you to switch easily between Tilde's infrastructure and your own infrastructure. So having more than one Tilde MT with different URL is applicable.

[IMPROVE] [API2] New "usecache" option added to api/resources/segments/view/update
A new "usecache" option was added to the API 2 method to update segments. See

[IMPROVE] [Editor Global Search] Improvement on the sorting of the results
We have improved our Global Search widget in the Translation Editor in order to show the matches sorted with the best hits first.

[IMPROVE] [API] Add indicator to show if a task is enabled on the platform
We have added a new value to both our APIs when retrieving the list of tasks for a platform. You can now know if the task is enabled or not. See documentation for extra information:

[FIX] [Terminology Management tool] Saving text changes in the Cross Reference field
The "Save" button is now enabled correctly when the user enters or modifies text in the "Cross Reference" field.

[FIX] [MT Hive] History of translation requests not displayed correctly
The "Recent documents" window in MT Hive now only shows the documents translated in the last 30 days.

[FIX] [Reports] S710 report gives error message "Target locale is not valid"
We have enhanced the configuration of the S710 report to support versioned target locales. You should now be able to generate this report type successfully.

[FIX] [Search Bar] UI issue when searching long text
The length of the text you enter in the Search Bar does no longer affect the usability of the interface.

[FIX] [Custom Fields] Import of hyperlinks with colons " : "
Wordbee is now correctly importing hyperlinks containing ':' instead of ignoring them. To learn more about our custom fields, see

[FIX] [Editor] Switching jobs in a Codyt job is broken
The job navigation buttons displayed on top of the Editor now work properly.

[FIX] [File Formats] Encoding issue with XLIFF 1.2 target file generation
XLIFF 1.2 source files with UTF-8 and UTF-8 BOM encoding are now processed properly when the user produces the final translations.

[FIX] [Editor] Split segment
Split segments icon is visible in the editor in the source language in Codyt or Standard jobs or even documents.

[FIX] [File formats] Finalizing WebVTT files
We have improved the configuration of the WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) file format. You are now able to translate your captioning or subtitling video content and produce the target files as required. The original syntax and styles sheets are preserved.

[FIX] [File Formats] JSON v2 multilingual target file generation
Now JSON v2 processed files will include only the locales existing in the source file.

[FIX] [Resources] Translation Memory Consolidation
You can now consolidate your jobs into a master memory regardless the target language variants. For example, consolidate a translation job done in "en-UK" into a master memory whose target language is "en".

This improvement enables you to reuse translations in future projects without creating duplicate segments.

[FIX] [Resources] TMX file import error
To be able to import a TMX file created in another system successfully into Wordbee Translator, the TMX import/export format specifications need to be the same.

For example, if the exported TMX file lacks certain attributes, the import into Wordbee might fail. In this particular case, we have managed to identify the missing attribute and fixed the import error.

[FIX] [Terminology] Creating new concept/entry gives an error message
In-house managers no longer receive errors when creating new concept and term entries in the Terminology Management tool.

[FIX] [File Formats] PowerPoint file cannot be parsed when it includes invalid URL
The Office Open XML-based PowerPoint files containing slides with an invalid hyperlinks cannot be parsed in Wordbee Translator. We first had to identify and fix the invalid URL before marking the PPT file for online translation.

[FIX] [Job management] Internal user not able to accept Jobs from the Editor
Internal users are now able to accept jobs from the Editor when Terms & Conditions are disabled.

[FIX] [Editor Search Bar] Searching the context field with regular expressions did not work
Both the "Regular expression" and the "Empty" modes for searching the "Context" field are now working again.

Note: The "Context" field contains the paragraph information like "Heading 1" or "Heading 2" within Word documents. Multiple formats populate this field, including HTML, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

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