Release Notes 7/2/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, July 2, 2020:

[NEW] [Flex] Flex related translation work can now be costed in Wordbee Translator
We have added the possibility to cost and invoice client and vendor work on Flex documents. This new feature benefits language workers who are assigned a Flex document, and receive requests for content additions at different points in time.

Because the word count in Flex and crowdsourcing jobs is dynamic, costing and invoicing have posed a challenge in the past. The new API methods we have developed now facilitate the use of Flex in real-world workflows.

[NEW] [API2] Search API method now accepts highlight mode to flag matching terms and variants
This new API release applies to termbases only! If you use it with other resources, the system will be slower in execution.

When you "/search" and filter on one or more languages in the termbase, and set "highlight": "FlagTextHits," then any term variants that match in the filtered language will be tagged with "_ismatch": true. This allows you to see which of the term variants actually matched the filter.
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[IMPROVE] [Project Management] Projects and jobs sorted by last modified segments
Project managers can now sort projects and jobs based on the last modified Source and Target segments.

Sorting segments by their time stamp can be useful during review.

[IMPROVE] [Machine Translation] Microsoft Translator
Filipino Language is now available on Microsoft Translator.

[IMPROVE] [Order form] Auto-populate custom fields with company/person-related data
We have enhanced the settings of the New Order Form to enable you insert Company/Person-related data into custom fields by means of placeholders.

This feature is compatible with "Order" custom fields of type “text” and “pick-list with custom text allowed”.

This enhancement enables you to populate given fields from the "requester's" profile in the translation request. The information will be included in the Order Details and other areas of the system.

[FIX] [Client Orders] Order submission
Order can now be submitted when the option "Start jobs" is ticked.

[FIX] [Reports] Generating reports with comments from the Editor
Comments containing HTML characters are now decoded when generating reports from the Editor. This fix improves the readability of the report.

[FIX] [Supplier Groups] Strict Language value
When you create or update a Supplier Group, you can enable the "Strict Language" option to ensure that job and supplier languages match perfectly when you propose jobs. When you use this option, the "Strict Languages" value (yes/no) are now applied correctly in the Supplier Groups overview.

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