Release Notes 1/3/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, January 3, 2019:

[NEW] Excel filter settings: Allow for more size limit options under the "QA" tab
When you have a lot of Excel columns and each require different size limits, then the filter did not allow to set more than 3 different limits. This is now extended to 10 limits.
Learn how to set up text length constraints per segment in the documentation:

[NEW] Populate supplier invoice details from an Excel file - And calculate cost on top
Note: This feature is already available for client invoices (WM-1454).
In Wordbee, supplier invoices are typically created automatically from word counts and client or supplier prices. We added an alternative possibility: Upload an Excel file with word count details directly into an invoice. Such Excel files may come from a third party TMS or your own systems.
This extracts: Document names, Languages, Word counts, Pre-translations, Fuzzy matches etc. Costs are calculated from client price list and service details.
Read more here:

[IMPROVE] Show Google MT error message on test
Now when you test your Google MT system on Wordbee, and if failed, message from google will be shown there.

[IMPROVE] External worker view: unable to see who left a comment and at which step
We have improved the way the timeline widget from the new editor displays data for users with limited access rights. It now matches what was displayed in the old editor.

[FIX] R317 activated on administrator profiles.
We fixed an issue showing the permission R317 as not active by default on the administrator, manager and team leader profiles.

[FIX] Translation domains are not deleted
A bug reported causing some translation domains to not be deleted, even after you remove it and it's not there, it gets back to the list upon refresh, this is now fixed.

[FIX] [API] Issue with method : projects/{PROJECTID}/documents/codytdocument2?token={TOKENID}
There was a behavior issue with this API method, when using machine translation in a word count configuration, and using this configuration to create a document, it did not machine translate the document.
See documentation :

[FIX] QA rule: The ignore case option in the Terminology Check QA rule not working in all cases
If you tick the ignore case option in the Terminology Check rule, the system must disregard and case differences when searching for terms in the source text. This was only the case if one or more letter differ in case. However, if entire words are all uppercase e.g. it did not work. This problem has been fixed.

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