Release Notes 7/16/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, July 16, 2020:

[NEW] Flex and Jaws workflows can now auto-generate client and supplier invoices
When translating Flex/Jaws files you can now activate automatic and incremental costing of work. Please check out the new "Flex" tab in the project workflow & suppliers page.

The following changes are included:
* Re-organisation of the workflow & suppliers page to better organize options.
* New API 2 methods for Flex to download transactions in JSON and HTML format (see respective section in the API 2 documentation).
* Both logs and API push methods now include details regarding "post operations": re-opening jobs, notifications, client costing and supplier costing.
* The options to reopen completed jobs with new content and to notify suppliers with updates to Flex containers have been moved from the Flex configuration page to the workflow profile page. This is a more logic place.

[NEW] [Reports] Global Search Usage (S1612)
We have added a new report to check the Global Search Usage for a given period. You can now generate a monthly report with statistics on the total number of searches and average per day/week/month.

You can find the report via "My company" > "Reports" > "Report S1612."

[IMPROVE] [MT] New languages added to DeepL MT
Simplified Chinese and Japanese have been added to DeepL machine translation system.

[IMPROVE] [Jobs] Automatic consolidation of translations
Managers can now consolidates segments of different language variation to the primary language if it exists in the master resource.

Example: If the project language is "en-GB" and the resource to consolidate is into "en" and not "en-GB", then the segments will move to "en".

This enhancement enables you to reuse all contents in future projects without creating duplicate segments.

[IMPROVE] [Pricelist] Manual Job costing
When disabling a price list in a Codyt project, the Client's Count & Cost still showed the disabled price list when setting to calculate. We have improved this feature.

The selected price list for the project is now updated automatically for all old and new documents under Client's Count & Cost. When you set the cost, a new icon is available to indicate that the shown price list is disabled or different from the one assigned to the project.

[FIX] [Resources] Manually adding segments to resources are now labelled with the Resource name
When creating a new segment (entry) in a Translation Memory (TM), the segment will now be labelled under the memory where the segment was created and inserted.

[FIX] [Editor] Translations disappearing from target segments
Translations are now saved properly in the target segments when the Auto-Save function is activated.

[FIX] [Translation Finder] Translation Finder popup now works better with single segment translations
Translation Finder popup now works when de-attaching the Translation Finder widget even when the Editor contains only one segment.

[FIX] [Wordcount] Wordcount fails
You can now count the number of words in a file containing tab characters with specific configuration. We have replaced the tab characters by spaces.

[FIX] [API] "External companies API" does not return all results
When using the "External companies" API to get a list of all client companies, the API now returns all client companies.

API documentation:

[FIX] [MT] MT Hive failing with some PPTX files
You can now translate PPTX files using MT Hive without any problems. The structure of the XML tags are now rendered consistently.

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