Release Notes 6/30/2020 - Wordbee Beebox

New Beebox features and enhancements released on Tuesday, June 30, 2020:

[NEW] Joomla connector - add additinal metadata
New fields in metadata were added.
Job name - where you can send defined job name, or groupped job name.
Project deadline - it's now possible to add a project deadline
Requester - user which requested translation.
Structure of incoming files in beebox was also changed, now each or request is beeing group by directory.

[IMPROVE] Optymize trm synchronization call
Method which synchronizing data with TRM was optimized, so data should be processed quickly

[IMPROVE] Improve tag handling in beebox processor
From now on , when the text to translate has a lot of tags they are properly handled. In case if user created a Beebox memory where a lot of tags were there, pretranslated text will work properly.

[IMPROVE] Improve joomla connector
Error handling was improved. Now each time there is no connection to beebox, or wrong language in joomla was set, etc. proper error message will pop up.
Content filteres were improved.

[FIX] Update documentation links
Some of the documentation links which are referring to wordbee confluence were updated.

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