Release Notes 9/10/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, September 10, 2020:

[NEW] [Workflow and deadlines] Applying delta to project/file deadlines
The system now provides two additional numeric boxes to allow the user to type both hours and minutes in the deadline calculation settings “from project/file deadline.” The initial dropdown list has been removed. This new feature helps managers better estimate the capacity of their suppliers.

[NEW] [API 2] New method to get full details and rights for a given scope
We have developed a new API2 method that provides information if and how a user can access segments in the given scope . A scope can be a job, project, global search, a translation memory and so on.
See full details here:

[NEW] [Suppliers] [Dynamic Groups] Include "external client and worker" users
Now you can include users with profile "External client and worker" to dynamic supplier groups, exactly the same way you do with internal users.

Managers automatically assign job assignments to the suppliers that are part of the dynamic groups.

[IMPROVE] [Supported languages] Zapotec language has been added to Wordbee
"Zapotec" language has been added to the list of languages supported by Wordbee.

[IMPROVE] [Wordbee Flex] Workflow option to reopen jobs is now triggered when translations are newly set to red status
The Flex configuration permits the user to specify under which conditions a translation status is set to red status. This is used to track content changes or additions. The project workflow option to reopen jobs is now triggered when any of the translation segments change the status to to red. This makes the system behavior consistent with the configuration.

[IMPROVE] [Orders] Creating an order and uploading files: When user uploads more files than allowed, the UI is now more descriptive of the actual behavior
An order allows only a limited number of files to be attached and this is a configuration option that can be set by the administrator. When user selects too many files, the system shows an error message and cancels the upload. However, the UI did not upload the allowed number of files. We have now changed the behavior so that the upload of the selected files is cancelled in such cases. This improves the user experience.

[FIX] [JSON Configuration] "Trim leading and trailing whitespaces"
The "Trim leading and trailing whitespaces" setting is now automatically toggled when choosing to show or hide white spaces from editor in JSON configuration version 1 as well as version 2.

[FIX] [XLIFF] Finalizing documents
When you finish your translation (s) in a Standard project, you can now to finalize your documents using the "Finalize documents" tab in the "Work & Delivery" pane. The bug has been fixed.

[FIX] [Editor] Saving translations while using pagination
The translations are now properly saved in the segments when the Auto-save is activated and you move to the next page.

[FIX] [Editor] Duplicate filters have been removed
There will be no duplicate filters showing in the Search preset when uploading a new version of the document that has exact and perfect matches from previous version.

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