Release Notes 2/5/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, February 5, 2019:

[NEW] Invoices list: New optional column with the order ID (if any). Possibility to search invoices by order ID.
The Order ID is now available in the Supplier Quotes & Invoices dashboard. You will be able to use it in form of a column as well as searchable filter in the global quotes/Invoices list for suppliers (column only available upon access rights and hidden by default). For those making use of the Client Portal and enabling automatic invoicing for suppliers, the visibility of Order IDs becomes becomes really useful, since it eases the processing supplier quotes & invoices for further validation, aggregation, etc.

Learn how to configure and make use of Order ID(s) and supplier automatic invoices for Codyt Projects in the documentation:

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Exporting revision reports now respects the active document
When exporting a revision report from the editor interface, all available documents were exported, regardless of the currently active document. This has been adjusted to export only the active document's revisions if such a filter is in place.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Column display improvements
Wordbee has improved the way the columns displayed in the editor are selected. The editor will now use the layout the user has defined and the languages that are given through the edit link. The improved layout will now adapt to all columns referring to the first source and target languages of the user's layout to those given through the url. All columns referring to other languages will remain unchanged.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Language specific labels are now always displayed for source locales
Language specific labels were hidden by default for source locales. As these labels are generally used to convey information at a glance for multiple segments, this has now been changed, and they are now displayed as in their target locale counterparts.

[FIX] More Consistent Error Message for QA Check in Date/Number Rule
The case for different number of occurrences of Number/Date, with the same total number of Number/Date in source and target was accounted for by placing a more declarative error message.

[FIX] [Editor] Fix, remove one hit from the Translation Finder
It's now possible to manage the hits displayed in the translation finder when a user open an editor from the Job page "Documents" tab

[FIX] Segment number is now correctly displayed in email notifications
We have fixed the segment number set in the email notification when a user send notification after adding a comment in the editor.

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