Release Notes 10/8/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, October 8, 2020:

[NEW] [MT] Intento machine translation connector added
Intento is a simple and elegant connector to many third-party machine translation systems and AI models from many vendors. Read more or sign-up at To configure Intento in Wordbee go to "Settings" and then "Machine translation systems". Click the "Add" link to add an Intento connector (you can add multiple as well). See documentation:

How-to article: How to machine translate with Intento API

[NEW] [Xliff] New option to extract external reference (URL) to segment custom fields
XLIFF files may include file-level and unit-level hyperlinks to help translators. Such link may point to screenshots or web pages that contain the text to translate. The new option is available in the XLIFF configuration under the "Web preview" tab.

[NEW] [Languages] New languages added to system
2 new languages have been added to Wordbee Translator application, the languages are (Mende) and (Temne)

[NEW] [Editor] Auto correct new option
[Editor] In Smart assistant menu there is auto correct options a new option has been added to exclude punctuations

[NEW] [Languages] New languages added to system
We have added Zou language to Wordbee system.
To know how to add this new language, see this:

[IMPROVE] Client and supplier invoice lists: New optional ISO currency letter field
Go to the client or supplier invoice lists by hovering on "My Company". Click the "Edit view" link at the bottom of the page and you will find a new optional "Currency" field. This will then show the 3 letter currency code. This feature is useful when the currency symbol currently shown is ambiguous (e.g. US vs Canada both using $)

[FIX] [Editor] page scroll to the last page
[Editor] when scrolling in editor now or manually go to a specific page or next page button, it only moves to the next page.

[FIX] Rendering issue in assigning supplier popup
Strange markup is shown when assigning suppliers in a standard project, it has been fixed and rendering issue has been resolved.

[FIX] Fix parsing json V2 files to correct the word counting
Fix parsing JSON V2 files to fix the word count for the pre-translated segments to be perfect pre-translated, not exact pre-translate

[FIX] Problem Previewing ".docm" Files
Problem Previewing ".docm" Files

[FIX] Fix issue Can't Create New Supplier Company With Logins
Fixing issue for (creating new supplier) Can't Create New Supplier Company With Logins when the billing email address is empty even if the Enter separate billing address option is ticked or not

[FIX] [Editor]: Adjusting numbers is now working consistently when pre-translating
We have fixed an issue that was causing number adjustment not to work consistently when the segment was repeated in the document being translated.

[FIX] Projects: When removing languages, system wrongly deletes backtranslation jobs in unremoved languages
When you create back-translation workflows in a project then jobs with versioned languages are created (such as French, version 2, French, version 3). When you now remove languages but not French in this example the system wrongly removes jobs for the different versions of French. The problem has been fixed.

[FIX] [Configuration] JSON V2: Min length field for custom fields
JSON version 2 configuration Minimum segment length field has been adjusted so that when the field value is "select value with json-path", the system would show an input field next of it

[FIX] Fix in update supplier
if google map fails to locate the address of the supplier, the user will still be able to update the supplier info

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