Release Notes 11/6/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, November 6, 2020:

[NEW] [File filters] Customize selection of filters as a function of file extension, file name or file content
The selection of text filters can now be done as a function of file extension, file name or file content. This is possible for many file formats, allowing for a more flexible filter selection. For example, a regex on the file name and/or file content can be set, making it possible to reach higher automation when processing files in a project.
See How-to article > How to process files with auto-select filter:

[NEW] [Translation Editor] Active terminology recognition and lookup
Use the Active Terminology Recognition feature embedded in the Translation Editor to increase the quality of your translations. The feature actively compares the source and target texts against the termbases attached to your project. The Exact matches are automatically highlighted to help you preserve consistency throughout the translation project.
See How-to article:

[NEW] Add error logging with a reference in generating a report
If the system encounters an issue with generating a report, a reference is displayed to the user so he/she can use this key when contacting Wordbee support for investigating the issue

[IMPROVE] Small improvement in style when uploading files with long names
We have adjusted the way Wordbee displays file names when uploading files with long names to an order.

[FIX] [Workflow] : Project and order status does not change upon workflow completion
Tackling a couple of issues that prevented the workflow from being completed.

[FIX] [Flex] When creating client/supplier invoices error message may be shown although no error
In some cases, the transaction log showed an error related to failed invoice creation for suppliers, although the process actually worked. This false positive error message is now removed.

[FIX] [Fix] Added project manager name in report S710
The name of the project manager is being added in reports S710 and S711, which give full access to the document translations, revisions and comments for a given workflow.

[FIX] [Workflows] Getting "Page Or Functionality Failed" When Assigning Workflow to jobs with no tasks
Fixed an issue breaking setting a workflow for codyt jobs with no tasks defined.

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