Release Notes 11/19/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, November 19, 2020:

[IMPROVE] Report S711 - Document translations, revisions and comments for all language versions
The following improvements have been made to Report S711:
- The report template has become filterable.
- The most recent text and comments appear on top.
- It only includes the branch locale versions for the pair of languages for which the report has been generated.

[IMPROVE] [Microsoft MT] Throttle translations across all requests in a platform to stick within hourly limits
[Microsoft MT] Throttle translations across all requests in a platform to stick within hourly limits

[IMPROVE] [Invoice settings] Editing Settings - Invoicing Processes does not show error messages when typing invalid reference formats
When editing auto-numbering formats under "Settings" > "Invoicing Processes" and the formats is invalid, the page simply disregarded the change. Now, we show a clear error message below the respective field.

[IMPROVE] [Codyt jobs list] Order reference & order ID informations display
If user has access right R321 enabled, s/he will be able to see order information in Codyt jobs list page, like order reference and order id values.

[IMPROVE] [Flex] Changes to invoice creation for suppliers and client
Invoices for clients and suppliers are now created for only those target languages that are concerned by the change. If a source text is modified this triggers costing in all target languages. If specific target texts are changed then only those will be costed.

[FIX] [Parser] : File parsing issue when pushed through order form.
In some cases the file was not available for parsing due to some network delays, it should be fine now.

[FIX] Fix API call issue
Fix API call issue while creating the file in Azure it takes a long time to be created and throw an error while reading.

[FIX] [Editor] Cursor in firefox
[Editor] Cursor in firefox after typing saves it's current position from and doesn't jump a character while typing

[FIX] [Preview] Fix editor preview and restore Beebox preview capability
Beebox Live Preview was broken and has now been restored to work correctly. This requires the Live Preview component enabled in your Beebox.

[FIX] [Editor] source column smart assistant options.
[Editor] [smart assistant] excluded some of the options in the source column from smart assistant
- Translations - identical to source
- Translations - Text length check
- Translations - Missing

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