Release Notes 12/7/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, December 7, 2020:

[IMPROVE] [Filters] Creating new filters
New file configurations are now created only when pressing the "Save" button. Previously, when you created a new file filter, the system instantly created a new blank configuration, which was not efficient.

[IMPROVE] [Adobe InCopy] The InCopy filter trims whitespaces when segmenting text
When you translate Adobe InCopy files, you can now remove leading and trailing whitespaces in the Translation Editor by enabling the corresponding settings in the file filter.

Go to Settings > Document Formats and edit the configuration of Adobe InCopy. When you tick the option ''Do not show leading and trailing whitespace to the translator'' under Content, the corresponding settings will be automatically enabled in the Text Segmentation as well.

Learn more about the Adobe InCopy configuration:

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Active recognition & Term lookup
Active recognition & Term lookup improvement: when clicking on the term lookup icon or using the shortcut in the Editor, you will automatically see the search results the Translation Finder compact view.

[IMPROVE] [File upload] Invalid characters in the file name
You will now be able to upload documents to Wordbee Translator even when the file names contain some invalid characters in the titles. The system will automatically fix common filename issues, such as invalid character encodings.

[IMPROVE] [Supported languages] Mayan language
Wordbee Translator now supports Mam (ISO 639-3), a Mayan language. To be able to use it in your translation projects, you first need to enable it from Settings > Translation settings > Languages.

[FIX] [Supported languages] The spelling for the ''lu Mien'' language has been corrected
We have corrected the spelling of the "lu Mien" language. You can enable/disable languages in Wordbee Translator via Translation Settings > Languages.

[FIX] [Editor] Delivering a file from the Document menu
You can now deliver jobs using the Submit as Deliverable feature available in the Translation Editor regardless of the file type. The popup displays properly. To learn how to use this feature see How-to article:

[FIX] [Editor] Segment navigation
The ''Jump to segment" field in the Translation Editor accepts only valid segment numbers, no letters.

[FIX] [Editor] Columns for completed "Reconciliation" and "Back-translation" jobs
We have fixed an issue where the displayed columns in the editor in completed "Reconciliation" and "Back-translation" jobs. It is now possible to display all versions of the locale if the job is set to completed status.

[FIX] [Client orders] Project reference in the list of orders
Project references containing the "&" sign are now displayed correctly in the list of orders.

[FIX] [Machine Translation] MT Hive using PLATA MT connector
The automatic tag correction techniques have been improved with an additional rule to handle the tags in XLIFF files translated with PLATA MT connector and MT-Hive.

[FIX] [Editor] Hard return while typing
[Editor] The system does not longer add unwanted hard returns while you are typing new segments in the Editor.

[FIX] [MT] Microsoft V2 MT Connector: Editing custom model options does not display properties after Save
When you add and edit new custom models in the Microsoft v2 Connector, the changes are now properly saved. To learn how to build your own engine with Microsoft Hub, see this How-to article:

[FIX] [Client orders| Scripts in project names
Project names are now displayed in the list of projects as entered by the user, even when they contain a script.

[FIX] [Standard projects] Cannot mark a file for online translation from "set translation status"
A problem occurs when selecting this option in the project documents (from the menu above the files) and then opting for online translation. It wrongly says no action is needed. Marking online with any of the other options works fine though.

[FIX] [Order form] File not uploaded when option "Accept any type of files" ticked and parser profile is limited
Special case when the order configuration ticks "Accept any type of files" and the attached file filter configuration delimits the type of files accepted. If a user now uploads a file that is not in the file filer configuration but is still supported by Wordbee then the file will not be uploaded. Expectation is that the file is uploaded even though not marked for translation.

[NEW] [Logging] The trace API now includes events when projects and resources are deleted
Both events are now properly logged in the traces.
See documentation on how to retrieve traces here:

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