Release Notes 12/17/2020 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, December 17, 2020:

[NEW] [Supported Languages] Rohingya language
The "Rohingya" (rhg) language has been added to the list of languages that are supported by Wordbee Translator.

[NEW] [User management] Hyphen characters allowed in email addresses
You can now add a user with an email that contains a hyphen character before the "@" sign.

[NEW] [Order Forms] Display error message in case of oversized PDFs
Wordbee Translator now displays an error message when you are trying to upload a PDF file with a layout size of more than 22x22 inches. The system will prompt you to remove the file or select another PDF before submitting your order form.

[NEW] [Access rights] External users not to confirm jobs in batch mode
A new access right (R357) has been added to allow users to manage job openings in a batch mode more efficiently.

[IMPROVE] [Machine translation] Armenian language has been added to Google MT
The Wordbee Google MT connector now supports the Armenian (hy-AM) language.

[IMPROVE] [QA] The Editor QA rule for markup has been enhanced
The QA markup rule has been enhanced to verify if there are duplicated tags in target segments. The QA Check will flag the markup errors in the Editor.

[IMPROVE] [Business Reports] Additional filters in S710 and S711 Reports
When you generate reports S710 and S711, you now have additional filters available to search through all the segments. Previously, it was possible to filter only by the first segment. This enhancement is especially useful for back-translation projects where managers need to track all the changes in the segments. Learn more:

[IMPROVE] [User profiles] Usability improvements in the Access Rights pages
The administrative pages to view and edit user profiles have been reworked. The pages are improved visually, propose small but useful new features and now show the login license type(s) associated with each profile. The types are: "Internal login", "External login", "Translator login" and "Manager login".

[FIX] [API 1] Returning Lists from API 1
The List Users API ad the List Clients API now behave as expected. The issue with the list endpoints in API1 has been resolved.

[FIX] [Flex] Client costing fails
You can now generate client invoices successfully with no errors in the Wordbee Translator log file.

[FIX] [Editor] Extraction of new line characters in JSON files
New line "\n" characters in JSON files are now properly extracted in the Editor and displayed in the final document.

[FIX] [Editor] Smart Assistant flags spaces before brackets
The Smart Assistant and the QA Check for punctuations now behave the same way, highlighting the same error types.

[FIX] [Invoices] Exporting invoices for Suppliers as XML
You can now export invoices for your suppliers in XML format without getting errors.

[FIX] [Price Lists] Saving price lists without minimum fees
Project managers can now save their price lists even when the minimum charge field is left empty.

[FIX] [PDF Parser] PDF Parser problem
An issue with the PDF parser configuration prevented the user from finalizing PDF documents. To use this feature, please note that the OCR -PDF to Word converter needs to be enabled on your Wordbee Translator platform. Learn more:

[FIX] [UI] Orders MT Hive style
The MT Hive style tab is now highlighted when selected.

[FIX] [Editor] Editing the global search results
Provided that you have editing rights in Wordbee Translator, you can now edit the Global Search results without getting any errors. Learn more about Global Search:

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