Release Notes 1/6/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, January 6, 2021:

[NEW] Web hook capabilities have been extended with new features
The web hook features, accessible from Settings > Web hooks have been reworked to add important new features:
* It is now possible to create multiple web hooks for the same event (such as a project status change). This allows to more easily integrate with multiple target systems.
* A new web hook to notify newly submitted orders is added
* Handy preset templates for JSON, XML and SLACK payloads have been added
* A tool to test web hooks is now available. It calls the web hook with fake data and based on your payload template. cURL code is shown too.
The new mechanism complies with standards better:
* Choosing http method GET now no longer allows to include a BODY payload.
* The accept content type is now set to text/* and application/*. Before it was preset to text/xml.

[FIX] [New Order] : New order creation
A warning message displayed on newly created projects saying wordcount profile is not updated, it will not be shown again with new projects.

[FIX] Can mark file for online translation with uppercase extensions
We solved an issue when marking file for online translation with uppercase extensions and make it case insensitive

[FIX] Access rights profile page does not show when user interface language not English
A glitch in the page prevents a user profile be shown in any UI language other than English. The problem is fixed.

[FIX] [Google Auto ML] : Char limit per Request
We adjusted the character limitation to be compatible with Google Auto ML, and handle throttling problems when dealing with large amounts of requests to Google.

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