Release Notes 1/18/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, January 18, 2021:

[NEW] Add error logging with a reference in generating a report
If the system encounters an issue with generating a report, a reference is displayed to the user so he/she can use this key when contacting Wordbee support for investigating the issue

[IMPROVE] Hmong Language Deprecated Identifier and add new language
Hmong Language Deprecated Identifier and add new language Hamong Njua to the list of the supported languages by Wordbee

[IMPROVE] Flex log popup: Display most recent 50 events instead of just 20.
When double clicking a Flex file a popup opens showing the most recent events for the Flex file. We now show 50 instead of 20.

[IMPROVE] Microsoft MT connector: New option to select Azure API end point
We added a new option to the Microsoft MT connector (v2) configuration. It allows to select a region specific API end point. Instead of using the global default, you can now opt for Europe, Americas or Asia. In some cases this is required if you create custom category IDs with your own trained models.

[NEW] New order form configuration with Standard projects: Now allows specifying reference material access for created jobs.
When configuring a new order form one can select to create Standard or Codyt projects. The choice what access level jobs are given to reference material was only available when opting for Codyt projects. It is now also available with Standard projects.

[FIX] Spaces not Shown At The Beginning of The Segment On Editor For MSG Files
Fix issue for Spaces Shown At The Beginning of The Segment On Editor For Email, Code files, and Microsoft resource File parsers

[FIX] update custom field on the segment level
fix updating the custom field and the context of the segment

[FIX] [Finalize files] : Power point finalization problem
Custom bullet points in a power point slide some times results In Corrupted Locked File when finalizing the target file, the issue is fixed and there should not be any problems with custom bullet points.

[FIX] [MT Hive] switch language icon
MT hive switch icon now shows for languages in pair if there is another pair with the reversed language.

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