Release Notes 1/28/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, January 28, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] [Luxembourg] [Switzerland] 

[IMPROVE] Editing previous versions of jobs
It is now possible to delete a previous version of a job when a new version is created. You can find past versions of a document by using the search filters in the jobs page.

[IMPROVE] [Email validation] Enhancing email validation according to latest standards
Emails validation method enhanced and amended to follow latest standards defined in

[IMPROVE] [Costing] Slowness reported in loading standard project cost page
Code has been improved to enhance loading of invoices and guarantee faster loading for standard project cost page.

[IMPROVE] New feature to open a client or supplier address in "Google Maps" from the respective company details page
New feature to open a client or supplier address in "Google Maps" from the respective company details page

[IMPROVE] Error reference
display error reference id in user operations in the activities tab

[IMPROVE] Reuse previous translations languages when uploading a new version of a document
Codyt allows to replace a file in translation with a new version carrying over any existing translations. This is done by right clicking a file in a Codyt project, selecting "Manage document" and then clicking "Upload new version". Different options for the choice of algorithm are available (simple source text based alignment, advanced alignment using "Hunalign" and context/string key based alignment).

The improvement aims at carrying over translations of versioned languages. Versioned languages are relevant in advanced workflows such as "back translation" or "parallel translation workflows".

[FIX] Public order form
Enable users to submit public orders

[FIX] [Xlif Reconstruction] - Tag issue in the final file
Tags were not reconstructed back in the final file, when the option to not show markup is enabled, it has been fixed, and tags should be added to the translated text same as the source.

[FIX] Flex: Updating source text may remove markup that was explicitly added to a translated text
With Flex it is possible to have markup in translated texts that are not part of the source text. When the source text was updated then it may happen that pulling the translations no longer shows up the translation specific markup. This problem is now fixed.

[FIX] [Tilde MT Connector]: MT engine request limits
Adjusted the max text size limit sent to tilde engine to be compatible with the engine's limitations.

[FIX] [Smart assistant] Date and number check
[Editor] [Smart assistant] When enabling the date and number check it now checks for if there is a different between numbers and dates between source and target

[FIX] [Translation Finder] Error when external worker tries to view project memory hit properties
Fixed an error shown when an external worker tries to view project memory hit properties in translation finder.

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