Release Notes 2/26/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, February 26, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] [Luxembourg] [Switzerland] 

[IMPROVE] New languages added
The "Kikongo" & "Lahanda" languages have been added to the system.

[IMPROVE] Placeholder added to remove tags in report S710 and S711
Even if text contain tags and they appear in the translation editor, we added a placeholder to exclude tags from being printed when creating report S710 and S711. To customize the report template, please check

[FIX] Translation memory hits not displaying for language versions in reconciliation jobs
There was a issue preventing translation memory hits from being displayed for V2 and V3 language versions in reconciliation jobs. This issue is now solved and the results for the memory are displayed as expected.

[FIX] "Invalid Email Address" when creating new supplier/client company login
There was an error message preventing the creation of user logins when creating a new supplier/client company. This issue is now solved and logins can be created when adding a company.

[FIX] QA category Missing space before punctuation
If a segment starts with a punctuation that is defined in the QA category "missing space before punctuation", the QA now runs successfully and flags an issue on segments where the punctuation should be preceded by a whitespace.

[FIX] [MT] Supports for capitalization when using Kantan MT
Machine translation using Kantan MT now properly displays character case.

[FIX] Issue when finalizing files
File finalization was failing due to an issue related to splitting segments, it is fixed now and works as expected.

[FIX] Report S711 does not print all language versions
A bug was found in report S711: if target segments were not populated, previous language versions were ignored when creating report S711. This behavior has been corrected and the report now prints all language versions of the segment together with comments.

[FIX] [Workflow] Error when sending back jobs to previous workflow step
In back-translation workflows, sending back the job to the previous workflow step failed in some cases. It is now resolved and working as expected.

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