Release Notes 3/21/2019 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, March 21, 2019:

[IMPROVE] [WordCount] Make the word count profile modification spreading asynchronous
Sometimes the action to spread a word count profile modification takes a long time and can block the user. It now runs in background to avoid blocking the user.

[IMPROVE] [WordCount] Improving the behavior when changing a word count profile
We noticed some non user friendly behaviors when modifying a word count profile :

- The modifications were not spread to the related project, you had to
reselect the word count profile in every related projects.

- The information that the project word count was outdated was not available

We decided to add a warning message when a project word count profile is outdated and add the possibility to spread a word count profile modification to every related projects

[IMPROVE] [ Improvement ] - Wordbee now extract context fields from POT files an..
[ Improvement ] - Wordbee now extract context fields from POT files and can be visible in the editor.

[IMPROVE] Default column generation improvement
We have improved the way our system generates the layout for the editor when accessing it for the first time and with a specified language.
We also fixed a bug where jobs created for multiple languages in Standard Projects only displayed one source column when opening it for the first time.

[IMPROVE] Export source and target labels in revision report
In the new editor the export tab "Revision report" add a column for target labels and change the name of "Labels / Translation"to "Labels / Source"

[FIX] [Editor] Edited comments now correctly reflect category changes without reloading the segment
We have fixed a small cosmetic issue not showing the new status of an edited comment before reloading the segment.

[FIX] New editor - error when selecting "Not from previous version" filter option
In elastic version 6 in the editor it seems the filter option "Not from previous version" does not work.

[FIX] Hidden Rows and Columns in excel monolingual configuration are fixed
Fix for the issue that hidden rows and columns in a monolingual configuration were translated, although being marked as not to translate in the excel configuration settings.

[FIX] [Editor] Column adjustments
We have fixed two interactions with the columns in the editor:
-The column header size is now correct when adding new columns to the interface
-Newly added columns are now always resizable without requiring a page reload

[FIX] List segments API returning NULL for translated text
List segments API returning NULL for versioned language and throw exception if full versioned language is sent
i.e : (bg-BG(v3,bg-BG))
affected APIs :
(GET) projects/{projectid}/documents/{documentid}/segments
(GET) projects/{projectid}/files/{locale}/fileinfo
(POST) projects/{projectid}/files/{locale}/file/translation

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