Release Notes 7/8/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, July 8, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] 

[NEW] [File filters] Disabling filters that you don't use
You can now disable or enable any file filter (that is, any document format configuration). A disabled filter cannot be used in the system. You might choose to disable a filter that is incorrect, a draft, or not to be used at this time.

Disabling a filter: Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Document Formats > [Select a document format type] > [Select a configuration] > Edit > Status > Disable > Save

[NEW] [Reports] Easy access to preferred reports. Also, creating and listing reports through API 2.
(1) If you need quick access to business reports that you commonly use, you can now pin those reports to the top of the report category lists. Which reports are pinned is individual to the user.

[Hover over ‘My company’] > Reports > [Click stars in left column]

(2) API 2 has new methods for creating and listing reports.

API documentation:

[NEW] [File filters] Using the translation editor to translate text from image files
You can now set image files to be translated in the editor thanks to a new file filter. You can create different filter configurations to be used in different situations:

– One or more for when users want Google or Microsoft optical character recognition (OCR) to be performed on image files so that text is extracted as segments in the translation editor.
– One or more for when users instead want a number of empty segments to be created in the translation editor. Translators can then view the image in the source file and fill in the translations in the empty segments in the editor.

The translated files are in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format and contain the content of the source and target columns of the editor.

Enabling a filter: Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Document Formats > Image files > [Select a configuration] > Edit > Status > Enable > Save

[IMPROVE] [Quotes and invoices] Sorting by project status
If you have permission to view projects, you can now correctly sort the recently added ‘Project Status’ column in the list of client quotes and invoices. Aggregated rows that do not have a project status are now grouped together when you sort.

Clients > Invoices > Client Quotes & Invoices

[IMPROVE] [Supplier prices] Three types of minimum charges on quotes and invoices
The minimum charges that can apply on each supplier quote or invoice now have three types:

– Minimum charge per language pair
– Minimum charges for specific language pairs
– Minimum net total

Suppliers > Pricelist > Edit

[IMPROVE] [Reports] Suppliers cost comparison: listing languages
When you create a ‘Suppliers cost comparison’ (report number S121), you can now choose to list all regional language variants (locales) separately in the report, for example, ‘Arabic (Egypt),’ ‘Arabic (Morocco),’ etc., or to merge the variants as one, for example, ‘Arabic.’

My company (drop-down menu) > Reports > (S121) > Create report

[IMPROVE] [Email] Troubleshooting e-mail sending errors
Administrators can now troubleshoot errors in email message sending at Settings > Activity > Email notifications

[IMPROVE] [Reports] Suppliers cost comparison: Added contact details
The ‘Suppliers cost comparison’ (report number S121) has two new columns, for supplier contact name and email address.

My company (drop-down menu) > Reports > (S121) > Create report

[FIX] [Codyt projects] Supplier cost and invoicing
An issue was resolved that hid costing lines from the supplier cost and invoicing section of codyt jobs when new jobs were created in a certain way.

[FIX] [Codyt projects] Making multiple changes to jobs
When you make multiple changes to the workflow of jobs in a codyt project, those changes can now be correctly saved.

Projects > [Select a codyt project] > 5. Jobs > Manage > Jobs & Workflow

[FIX] [File filters] Preserving placeholders from IOS string files
String placeholders or format specifiers like '%d' and '%@' are now the same in finalized target files as they are in the source content.

[FIX] [API v2] Listing comments without specifying language locales
When you send a request to list comments from segments or documents, you are no longer required to include the language locales in the request. If you omit the locales, the comments for all locales of the project are now correctly returned.

(POST) /resources/comments/list

[FIX] [Suppliers] Invoice paid
In cases where a job in a standard project was deleted but any corresponding invoices were not automatically deleted, when you change the status of the invoice to ‘Invoice paid,’ the status now correctly changes without an error message.

Suppliers > Invoices > [Select an invoice for a standard project] > [quote/invoice status box]

[FIX] [File filters] Including/excluding chart text from Microsoft Word files
When you select text colors to indicate which text in Microsoft Word files should or should not be extracted for translation, the process now also applies to text on some types of charts in the files: column charts, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, radar charts, and combo charts.

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