Release Notes 9/20/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, September 20, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] [Luxembourg] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] [Quality assurance] Ensure a word/phrase/code is copied without change to the translation
A new QA rule enables you to check whether a word/phrase/code (for example, a product part number) with a defined regex pattern in the source text has been copied unchanged to the translation.

[NEW] [Supported languages] Palauan
The Palauan language (ISO 639-3 code: pau) is now supported by Wordbee Translator.

Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Languages > Configure

[NEW] [API v2] New API methods for listing and managing client orders
You can now create, find, view, and delete orders and change order status.

The new API methods are documented here:

[IMPROVE] [Translation finder] Longer segments can be found
In the translation finder, a segment that contains the search term is now returned, even if the segment contains up to 800 characters. The previous limit was 200 characters.

[IMPROVE] [Terminology management] Cross-referenced concepts open in new tabs
In the terminology management tool, if you click on a cross reference, the concept opens in a new tab.

[IMPROVE] [File filters] Custom file extensions can be in upper case
You could already specify custom file extensions that some file filters (document format configurations) would accept. Now those file extensions are case insensitive.

Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Document Formats > (example) Image files > [Select a configuration] > File conditions > File extensions

[FIX] [Editor] List of documents is correctly displayed in search bar
At the top of the editor, if many documents are found in a search, the list of documents is correctly paginated when you click ‘Load more documents.’

[FIX] [Projects] Language pairs with a regional variant can be removed
When you manage a document in a codyt project and try to remove a language pair used in document tasks, the language pair is now correctly removed, even if one of the languages is a regional variant.

Projects > [Select a codyt project] > Documents > [Right-click a document] > Manage document > [Down-arrow] > Remove language pair?

[FIX] [Editor] Finding and replacing words after sorting and filtering segments
In the editor, when you find and replace words, the words are now correctly replaced, even when the segments were sorted or filtered.

Relevant locations: (1) Editor > [Search bar] > [Down arrow] > Segment filter
(2) Editor > [Column header] > [Right down arrow] > Sort
(3) Editor > Actions > Language actions > Find and Replace

[FIX] [File filters] Replacement fonts must be original Microsoft Office fonts
If a source file was a Microsoft Word or PDF document with fonts that were incompatible with the production of finalized translated files, you could already set a replacement font to be used instead. A tool tip has been added to clarify that the replacement font must be from the set of fonts that comes with Microsoft Office.

Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Document Formats > Microsoft Word / PDF files > [Select a configuration] > Fonts > Edit > Replace fonts… > Replacement font name

[FIX] [Global search] Error corrected
In the global search tool, a ‘Page or Functionality Failed’ error received by some users has been corrected. Searches are now correctly performed for all users, even when no custom field is defined for segments.

[FIX] [File filters] Custom extensions work for .csv file filter
When you specify custom file extensions for the CSV file filter (document format configuration) to accept, files with these extension are now correctly accepted by the filter.

Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Document Formats > CSV files > [Select a configuration] > File conditions > File extensions

[FIX] [Login] Page correctly displayed
When you log out of Wordbee Translator, the login page is correctly displayed.

[FIX] [Planning] Editing comments on holiday schedule
On the holiday schedule pages of companies or people, the date is now correctly shown, and you can correctly save edited comments.

Location example: My company > Planning > [Pencil icon to edit] > Leave comment > Save

[FIX] [Quotes and invoices] Finding prices of services with no target language
When you add a new line to a quote or invoice for a standard job, you can now correctly find prices for services, even when no target language is specified.

Location: Jobs > [Select a standard job] > Cost > Add new > [Green ‘+’ icon] > Unit price > Find services

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